THC Ministry

A religious organization advocating cannabis as a sacred sacrament and fundamental human right, blending ancient traditions and modern perspectives.

The THC Ministry, also known as the Hawai’i Ministry of Cannabis Sacrament, is a religious organization that considers cannabis to be a sacred sacrament. It was founded in June 2000 by Roger Christie in Hawaii and has chapters in various countries, including Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and several states in the United States.

Beliefs and Practices

The core belief of the THC Ministry is that the cultivation and enjoyment of cannabis is a fundamental human right provided by God and protected by the Constitution. This belief is grounded in the assertion that cannabis has been the original sacrament of multiple religions including Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, Buddhist, and Rastafari traditions, fulfilling prophecies to ‘feed all our hungers’. The Ministry views cannabis as one of the main ingredients in the original Anointing Oil as described in the Bible and as a substance used in burnt offerings at the altar and on special occasions.

Members of the THC Ministry base their practices on a combination of ancient wisdom, modern science, and the enlightening and healing properties of cannabis. They seek to liberate both the cannabis plant and the minds of people, whether they revere the plant or not. The Ministry actively participates in legal and social discussions surrounding cannabis use in society.

Legal and Social Context

The THC Ministry’s views have led to legal confrontations, notably with the United States government. Roger Christie and other individuals associated with the Ministry were indicted on marijuana possession and trafficking charges in July 2010. Christie served four years in jail following an April 2014 sentencing and was on probation until 2018.

The Ministry provides a legal defense kit for its members, called the Cannabis Sanctuary Kit, which offers proof of legitimacy as a religious practitioner of Cannabis Sacrament. This initiative is part of the Ministry’s efforts to support members who might face legal challenges due to their cannabis use.

Historical Context and International Presence

Historically, the use of cannabis as a religious sacrament predates written history, with evidence of its sacred role found in various ancient religions. In the modern context, the THC Ministry, along with other organizations such as the International Church of Cannabis and the Church of Holy Smoke, represents the continuation of this ancient tradition.

The THC Ministry has established its presence in various parts of the world, becoming an officially registered religion in many countries on different continents. Its international reach is indicative of the growing movement recognizing cannabis as a significant spiritual and religious element.