A meditation and healing technique aiming to connect with the Creator for emotional and physical well-being.

ThetaHealing is a spiritual healing method and meditation technique developed by Vianna Stibal in 1995. It is designed to help individuals change their life by altering their brain’s wave pattern to the theta state, promoting emotional and physical healing through a connection with what Stibal refers to as the “Creator of All That Is.” This technique has gained attention for its claims of facilitating instant healings and for its unique approach to spiritual wellness and personal development.

Origins and Development

The inception of ThetaHealing can be traced back to Vianna Stibal, a naturopath who claimed to have healed herself from cancer using the technique. Stibal’s personal experience of instantaneous healing spurred the development of ThetaHealing as a meditation method that aims to enable individuals to achieve a state of emotional and spiritual well-being. The technique leverages the theta brainwave state, associated with deep meditation and REM sleep, to foster a direct connection with a higher power and facilitate healing.

The Technique

ThetaHealing involves one-on-one sessions where practitioners, through a process of listening and questioning, guide individuals to explore their beliefs and emotional energies that may be affecting their health. This method is based on the premise that the beliefs in a person’s subconscious can directly impact their physical and emotional well-being. Practitioners claim that by accessing the theta state, individuals can reprogram their mind to eliminate negative beliefs and enhance their overall health. This technique is taught to be complementary to conventional medicine, rather than a substitute.


Central to ThetaHealing is the concept of the “seven planes of existence,” which Stibal uses to outline a spiritual framework that emphasizes the significance of connecting with the “Creator of all that is.” This philosophy suggests that understanding and aligning with these planes can aid in achieving spiritual enlightenment and healing. Stibal has made bold claims about the capabilities of ThetaHealing, including its potential to reduce symptoms of HIV and regenerate physical body parts, though these claims have been met with skepticism by the scientific community.

Criticism and Controversy

ThetaHealing has been critiqued for its lack of empirical evidence and has been categorized as a pseudoscientific practice by some researchers and critics. Critics, including Edzard Ernst, a prominent figure in the study of complementary and alternative medicine, have labeled the method as “criminal” for its unfounded claims and lack of scientific support. Furthermore, an analysis by McGill University’s Office for Science and Society found that ThetaHealing sessions did not increase theta wave activity as claimed. The method has also faced criticism for its commercial aspects, with high costs associated with training courses that promise spiritual and financial rewards.

Global Reach and Education

Despite the criticisms, ThetaHealing has a significant global presence, with practitioners and instructors offering sessions and seminars worldwide. Stibal’s organization provides a variety of certification courses for individuals looking to become practitioners or instructors of the technique. These courses cover various aspects of the method, from the basic principles to more advanced practices. ThetaHealing’s appeal lies in its promise of spiritual connection and the potential for personal transformation and healing.

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