Terry Bennett Ministries

A prophetic voice for modern times, advocating for spiritual readiness and transformation.

Terry Bennett is a prophetic minister who has served in full-time ministry for over three decades alongside his wife, Donna. Their journey has included pioneering and pastoring multiple churches, as well as participating in Shiloh, an international prophetic ministry. Bennett’s educational background includes a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Central Bible College in Springfield, MO. He is known for his extensive travels both within the United States and internationally, where he ministers in churches, conferences, and to individuals, encouraging them to deepen their relationship with the Lord and live in His love.

Bennett’s ministry emphasizes preparing the church to meet Christ, urging believers to come out to the Lord and ready themselves for the Bridegroom. He gives oversight to The Gathering church in Dickson, TN, when not traveling. His vision extends to establishing the Shiloh Training Center to further equip believers for ministry. Terry, Donna, and their family, including their children Nathaniel, Josiah, Cherith, Daniel, and Shiloh, as well as their daughter-in-law Naomi and grandchildren, reside in Dickson, Tennessee.

A significant aspect of Bennett’s ministry is his prophetic insight. In December 2001, he received a revelation concerning a 21-year prophetic timeframe starting from 2008 and concluding in 2028. This period is marked by three phases of seven years each, during which various global shakings are predicted. Bennett has shared detailed prophecies about economic downturns and warned of critical times for nations like Greece, Italy, Spain, and France, viewing them as signposts for broader global events. His message is not one of doom but a call to intercession and transformation, emphasizing the church’s role as an instrument of mercy rather than vengeance.

Bennett’s prophecies also touch on foundational shifts leading towards an antichrist world system, though he clarifies this does not imply the antichrist’s arrival in 2028. Instead, it suggests the laying of foundations for such a system. Bennett calls for believers to act and pray, highlighting the potential for nations to become refuges of righteousness amid growing darkness. His teachings encourage active engagement in prayer and intercession, aiming to influence the spiritual climate of nations and cities towards becoming havens of divine refuge.