Truth Fellowship (Simon Kadwell)

A small doomsday cult led by an enigmatic figure, shrouded in mystery and disappearance.


The Truth Fellowship, led by Simon Kadwell, was a relatively obscure doomsday cult that gained international attention following the mysterious disappearance of its leader and several members. Kadwell, whose real name was revealed to be Gary Feltham, led the group from his home in Nannup, a town in southwest Australia.

Background and Leadership

Simon Kadwell, originally Gary Feltham, was an English-born individual who assumed the identity of Simon Kadwell in the 1990s after stealing the name from a coworker. He moved to Australia, where he eventually started the Truth Fellowship. The group, which had around 40 members globally, interacted through an online forum named “The Gateway.”

Teachings and Beliefs

Kadwell authored two books, “Servers of the Divine Plan” and “The New Call,” which laid the foundation for the group’s beliefs. These texts prophesied the world entering into a higher consciousness after a 75,000-year cycle. The group, known as “The Forecourt” to its followers, was deeply engaged in discussions about these teachings and the impending doomsday scenario.


The case of the Truth Fellowship took a dramatic turn when Kadwell, along with his partner Chantelle McDougall, their daughter Leela, and family friend Tony Popic, vanished in July 2007. Their disappearance was preceded by peculiar behavior from Kadwell, who exhibited paranoia about electromagnetic fields and buried magnets around his property as a means of protection.

The group left a note saying “Gone to Brazil” and sold a car in Busselton for $4,000 before disappearing. There were speculations that they might have fled to New Zealand and then to Rio Branco, Brazil, a city known for religious cults. However, immigration records did not support this theory, and their bank accounts remained untouched, fueling speculation about their possible demise.

Theories and Investigations

Multiple theories have emerged regarding the fate of the group. Some believe that Kadwell may have persuaded the group to end their lives together. Others speculate that they might be alive, living off-grid under new identities. The case remains open with the police treating it as a missing persons case. No conclusive evidence has emerged to confirm either their survival or demise.

Personal Accounts and Speculations

Neighbours described Kadwell as paranoid and obsessed with electromagnetic fields. Relatives of Chantelle McDougall speculate that Kadwell may have convinced the group to hide, possibly continuing to scam people online. Kadwell’s history of identity theft and deceptive behavior contributes to the ambiguity surrounding the group’s fate.

As of now, the whereabouts of Simon Kadwell, Chantelle McDougall, Leela, and Tony Popic remain unknown.