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Mercy Culture Church

A movement at the intersection of faith and politics aiming for transformative influence in society.

Manitoba Colony

A reclusive Mennonite community in Bolivia known for its traditional ways and a dark chapter of sexual assault crimes.

Sakyong Mipham

A Tibetan Buddhist leader embroiled in scandal, leading a community seeking healing and reform.

ManKind Project

A transformative community aiming to redefine masculinity through personal development and healing.

Mana Movement

A transformative collective focused on empowerment through indigenous wisdom and modern healing practices.


A religious and political movement born from Congolese nationalism and the legacy of André Matswa.

Masowe Apostles

A transformative African Christian movement, emerging in colonial Zimbabwe, emphasizing direct spiritual experiences and a return to indigenous forms of worship.

Meher Baba

A spiritual luminary whose silence spoke volumes, transcending words to awaken the world.

Texe Marrs

A controversial figure known for his conspiracy theories and criticism of various religious and social groups.

Moral Majority

A pivotal force in American politics, championing conservative values and reshaping the religious right's role.

Mansions of Rastafari

A vibrant tapestry of groups within the Rastafari movement, each offering unique interpretations of its spiritual and cultural beliefs.

Magnificat Meal Movement

A movement shrouded in controversy, mixing religious devotion with allegations of fraud and a leader's lavish exile.


A testament to faith's resilience, embodying centuries of global missionary zeal and community devotion.

Roy Masters

A pioneering figure in talk radio counseling and meditation, whose teachings sparked both admiration and controversy.

Federico Padres Mejia

The leader of a tragic ritual in Tijuana that resulted in multiple deaths under mysterious circumstances.

Bentinho Massaro

A controversial spiritual leader accused of cult-like behavior and manipulation.

Peter Lucas Moses Jr.

The harrowing tale of a polygamist cult leader who committed heinous crimes under the guise of religious beliefs.

David Meade

An American end-times conspiracy theorist and author known for his doomsday predictions based on biblical numerology.

Megiddo Mission

A small American Restorationist denomination with unique beliefs and practices, distinct from mainstream Christianity.


A controversial Chinese new religious movement, often labeled as a cult, with a tumultuous history and substantial following.

Mauerova Family

A chilling tale of child abuse and manipulation tied to a cult-like group in the Czech Republic.


A secretive Finnish religious group with a strict hierarchical structure, founded by engineer Tapani Koivuniemi.

Millennium Manor

A unique architectural project driven by apocalyptic beliefs and survivalism.


A 19th-century religious movement characterized by ecstatic behavior and fervent revivalism.

Thom Miller

A controversial religious figure known for his polygamous lifestyle and unconventional ministry.

Josiah Mizukami

An infamous figure emerging from a background in entertainment to allegations of predatory behavior.


A controversial Kenyan movement known for its blend of Kikuyu traditions and political activism, often associated with criminal activities and violent clashes.


A small, esoteric 17th-century English religious sect known for its rejection of traditional Christian doctrines and its unique theological beliefs.


A Philadelphia-based black liberation group, known for its radical approach to civil rights, environmentalism, and clashes with the police.

The Most Holy Family Monastery

A traditionalist Catholic religious community, known for its adherence to pre-Vatican II practices and its rejection of modernist interpretations.

Moorish Science Temple of America

A religious and cultural organization advocating for the upliftment of African Americans through a unique blend of Islamic, Christian, and Moorish beliefs.


An early Christian movement advocating a rigorous, prophetic form of Christianity, often viewed as a precursor to Pentecostalism.

Montana Freemen

A radical anti-government group known for their armed standoff with federal authorities in the 1990s in Montana.


An ancient deity associated with child sacrifice, often invoked in biblical texts as a symbol of idolatrous and abhorrent practices.


A spiritual Christian sect originating in Russia, known for their pacifism, communal living, and distinctive ritual practices.

Mita Congregation

A unique Christian-based religious group originating in Puerto Rico, known for its communal living and the leadership of Mita.


A 19th-century movement characterized by its fervent anticipation of the Second Coming of Christ, based on the prophecies of William Miller.


A self-sustaining religious community known for its focus on spirituality, sustainability, and the development of unique technology.


A 16th-century Anabaptist movement known for its apocalyptic views and role in the Münster Rebellion.


An esoteric Christian movement blending mysticism, philosophy, and Christian theology, seeking deeper spiritual truths.


An early Christian theological movement that promoted a dualistic worldview and a distinct interpretation of Christianity, distinct from mainstream Christian doctrine.

Maranatha Campus Ministries

A once-influential Christian organization focused on evangelism in colleges, known for its intense discipleship and controversial practices.

Manson Family

A notorious cult led by Charles Manson, infamous for its heinous crimes and apocalyptic beliefs in the late 1960s.

Manmin Central Church

A prominent Korean Christian megachurch known for its charismatic leadership and miraculous healing claims.

Mankind United

A controversial and enigmatic movement of the 1930s, known for its utopian ideals and secretive operations.


An ancient, influential religion founded by the prophet Mani, blending elements of Christianity, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism.


An ancient Gnostic religion with a rich tradition, emphasizing dualism and the sanctity of the natural world.