Mastery in Transformational Training

An immersive experience for personal and professional breakthroughs.

Mastery in Transformational Training (MITT) is a personal development program designed to help individuals achieve both personal and professional growth. Based in Culver City, California, MITT offers a series of workshops that engage participants in a multi-day immersive learning process. This process is described as a laboratory for self-discovery, where one’s entire being is involved in the work of discovery, creation, and re-creation. The program was founded in 1998 and operates with the intention of providing powerful, clear, and engaging facilitation of the workshops’ dynamics.

The MITT curriculum includes several key programs: the Basic Training, the Advanced Course, and the Legacy Program, each building on the previous to deepen the participant’s journey of transformation. The Basic Training focuses on aligning one’s actions with their highest aspirations and visions for life, the Advanced Course is designed to generate significant breakthroughs using transformational and educational tools, and the Legacy Program aims to develop leadership skills that enable individuals to influence, lead, communicate, and produce extraordinary results.

Participants of MITT’s programs are said to experience a broad range of benefits, including significant increases in cognitive performance, learning hormone levels with improved retention, and overall performance in biochemistry. These results suggest that the program not only impacts the mental and emotional aspects of participants but may also have measurable physiological benefits.

Notable alumni of the MITT program include a variety of successful individuals from different fields such as Lewis Howes, CEO of The School of Greatness; motivational figure Preston Smiles; Cristie Norman, a lead sommelier at The Wynn Hotel; MTV VJ Quddus Phillippe; marketing executive Damon Haley; and journalist Julie Chan. These alumni attest to the profound impact the training had on their personal and professional lives, highlighting significant achievements and transformations attributed to their participation in the program.

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