A charismatic spiritual teacher embroiled in controversy and allegations of cult-like behavior.

Anthony Paul Moo-Young, known as Mooji, is a Jamaican-born spiritual teacher associated with the Neo-Advaita movement, who has gained a significant following through his teachings, retreats, and online content. Born in Port Antonio, Jamaica, in 1954, Mooji moved to London as a teenager, where he eventually became involved in spiritual teaching after a transformative encounter with the Indian guru Papaji. His teachings aim to guide followers to an immediate awakening to their true nature, a concept rooted in Advaita Vedanta​​​​.

Mooji established a spiritual center, Monte Sahaja, in Portugal, where he lives and teaches hundreds of devotees. He has amassed a significant online presence, with millions of views on YouTube and a substantial following on social media platforms. His followers regard him with deep reverence, often comparing him to major religious figures and believing in the transformative power of his presence and teachings​​.

However, Mooji’s community and practices have come under scrutiny, with former members and critics accusing him of cult-like behavior and abuse. Allegations include sexual relationships with female students under the guise of spiritual advancement, emotional and psychological manipulation, and the creation of a controlling environment at his ashram. Reports describe intense and bizarre rituals, including forced hair cutting and exorcisms, which have raised concerns about the well-being of his followers. Despite these allegations, Mooji and his close disciples have vehemently denied any wrongdoing, framing the accusations as attacks on their spiritual community​​​​.

Furthermore, Mooji’s lifestyle and actions have sparked debate about authenticity and the appropriation of Hindu traditions. Critics argue that his practices, such as conducting multiple Hindu marriage ceremonies without legal dissolution and consuming meat contrary to many Hindu traditions, misrepresent and commercialize the spiritual teachings he claims to represent. The suicides of two devotees in 2017 have intensified concerns about the impact of his teachings and the environment at Monte Sahaja​​.

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