Robin D. Bullock

A dynamic Christian figure blending prophecy and music in his ministry.

Robin D. Bullock is a born-again Christian, renowned author, and teacher known for his significant operation in the prophetic realm. His ministry is marked by the unique blending of teaching the Word of God and flowing in the prophetic through music. Over the years, Robin D. Bullock has developed over a thousand teaching materials and has authored books such as “God Is Absolutely Good!” and “The Pool and the Portal,” reflecting his deep engagement with Christian teachings and prophecy. His prophetic anointing has placed him in strategic positions to teach and spread God’s word effectively​​.

Church International, founded by Robin D. Bullock and Robin R. Bullock, has significant presence in Warrior, Alabama. This ministry, which spans over three decades of dedication, is rooted deeply in the teachings and prophetic interpretations of the Bible. Robin R. Bullock, recognized as a called pastor, directs his teachings as per the divine guidance he believes to be received from the Lord. Meanwhile, Robin D. Bullock’s contributions to the ministry are marked by a unique ability to intertwine the Word of God with prophetic music, creating a vibrant and spiritual atmosphere that resonates with the congregation.

Beyond their roles within the church, the Bullocks have extended their ministry through the establishment of the “Over The Top Bible College.” This institution reflects their commitment to providing an in-depth study of biblical topics for those who seek a deeper understanding of their faith. This initiative, like the church itself, is a testament to their dedication to spreading the teachings of the Bible and fostering a community grounded in faith.

Robin D. Bullock’s ministry extends beyond traditional preaching; it includes an innovative online Bible college and a prophetic program titled “The Eleventh Hour,” broadcasted live every Tuesday. This broad array of initiatives underlines their dedication to reaching and teaching people in various formats, appealing to a global audience seeking spiritual guidance and education in the Christian faith​​​​.

Church International and its leadership, particularly Robin D. Bullock, have faced criticism and controversy, particularly from the local community in Warrior, Alabama, and beyond. Critics, including Stan Cooke, a pastor of a nearby church and former candidate for lieutenant governor, have expressed concerns about what they perceive as exploitation of vulnerable individuals and dissemination of non-scriptural teachings. Cooke specifically accuses Church International of exploiting “the poor and the weak” and presenting a gospel that deviates from biblical scripture. Additionally, there has been public scrutiny over Bullock’s prophetic claims, such as his assertion that Donald Trump is still president, which has drawn national media attention.

Additionally, there have been instances of individuals traveling long distances to attend the church, only to find themselves without accommodation, raising concerns about the welfare of these individuals and the responsibilities of the church towards them. There are accounts of individuals, including an 82-year-old woman, who traveled long distances to visit the church based on Bullock’s call, only to find themselves without support or accommodation upon arrival. The church’s significant property acquisitions in Warrior have also stirred unease among residents, contributing to a broader discourse on the church’s influence and activities in the area​​.

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