Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment

A spiritual center focused on ancient wisdom and quantum physics for personal and global transformation.

Religion: New Age
Founder: JZ Knight (channeling Ramtha)
Founded: 1988
Location: Yelm, Washington, United States
Other Names: RSE, Ramtha School of Enlightenment
Website: ramtha.com

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) is a spiritual entity deeply rooted in the teachings channeled through JZ Knight by a 35,000-year-old being known as Ramtha the Enlightened One. Located in the rural setting of Yelm, Washington, RSE has become a gathering place for thousands of students from over 20 countries, drawn to the promise of unlocking their divine potential and achieving enlightenment.

The origins of RSE trace back to 1977 when Knight, a young housewife with a background in the cable television industry, first encountered Ramtha. This meeting marked the beginning of Knight’s journey as a channeler, eventually leading to the establishment of RSE in 1988. The school’s curriculum is founded on Ramtha’s teachings, which assert that humans are divine beings who have forgotten their origins. The practices offered by the school aim to reawaken individuals to their inherent divinity, following the Western esoteric or gnostic tradition.

Ramtha’s philosophy encompasses a broad range of subjects, including the nature of consciousness, the structure of reality, and the power of the mind to influence matter. Central to the teachings is the belief in the potential for humans to ascend to higher states of consciousness, much as Ramtha himself did following a period of forced rest after surviving an assassination attempt.

Despite its spiritual ambitions, RSE has not been without controversy. Critics have labeled it a cult, citing allegations of brainwashing, intimidation, and financial exploitation. Former students and skeptics alike have voiced concerns about the school’s practices, including the promotion of doomsday prophecies and the requirement for participants to undertake physically and emotionally challenging exercises. These exercises, such as running blindfolded or spending extended periods in uncomfortable conditions, are said to be aimed at overcoming fear and expanding consciousness. One particularly divisive aspect of RSE’s teaching involves preparations for “days to come,” including instructions for students to isolate themselves, grow their own food, and build underground shelters.

The school has also been linked to the production of the controversial film “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” which merges documentary interviews with a fictional narrative to explore the connection between quantum physics and spirituality. However, the film has been criticized by the scientific community for misrepresenting quantum physics and making unfounded connections to consciousness.

RSE continues to operate, offering a range of courses and events designed to empower individuals through the exploration of consciousness and the nature of reality. While the school has faced criticism, it remains a significant presence in the landscape of New Age spirituality, with a dedicated following that speaks to the enduring appeal of its teachings​​​​​​.

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