Radical Aliveness Institute

A transformative approach to personal and systemic healing through body, emotions, and group dynamics.

The Radical Aliveness Institute (RAI) stands as a unique entity in the realm of personal development and healing, offering a comprehensive methodology that seeks to foster deep, transformative growth in individuals and groups. Founded on the pioneering work of Ann Bradney, the Institute draws from the traditions of somatic psychotherapy, specifically evolving from the Reichian and Core Energetics models, to facilitate a holistic engagement with the human experience.

History and Founding

The Radical Aliveness Institute was founded by Ann Bradney, a figure with deep roots in the field of Core Energetics, having studied under John Pierrakos in the 1990s. Bradney’s vision extended beyond the individual, aiming to address communal healing and systemic issues. The Institute, which has been operational for over 15 years, offers programs that are designed not just for personal development but also for preparing individuals to act as agents of change in various capacities, including therapists, educators, and leaders.

Philosophy and Approach

At its core, Radical Aliveness is based on a set of principles that emphasize full engagement with all aspects of human experience — the body, emotions, expression, movement, sensations, thoughts, beliefs, spirit, culture, and systems. This multidimensional approach aims to support individuals in fully knowing and accepting themselves, enabling them to navigate life from a place of choice rather than being dictated by past experiences. The Institute’s methodology is particularly notable for its emphasis on group dynamics, where participants are encouraged to explore and express their truths within a supportive and challenging environment.

Programs Offered

RAI offers a variety of educational programs, including a 2-year Leadership and Self-transformation program and a 4-year Professional Certification program. These programs are complemented by stand-alone workshops and retreats, which are available both in the US and internationally. The training provided by RAI is comprehensive, covering the Radical Aliveness Group Process—a cutting-edge technology for group facilitation and participation—as well as theories and practical applications of somatic psychotherapy. The curriculum is designed to equip participants with the skills necessary to handle conflict, listen deeply, express truth, and hold complexity, all while fostering an environment of mutual respect and open-hearted connection.

Impact and Vision

The Radical Aliveness Institute envisions a world where all voices are heard, validated, and honored, and where each individual is empowered to make a full contribution to the collective. Through its programs, RAI aims to cultivate leaders and change-makers who can navigate and influence a variety of environments with flexibility, sensitivity, and a deep commitment to justice and open-heartedness. This vision extends to the Institute’s collaboration with initiatives like Together Beyond Words, which focuses on peacebuilding and dialogue between Israeli Jews and Palestinians, highlighting RAI’s commitment to addressing systemic issues and promoting healing on a global scale.

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