Rapport Leadership International

Elevating leaders through immersive, experiential training courses.

Rapport Leadership International is a leader in the field of leadership development, with a rich history of empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential. Founded in 1985 in Las Vegas, Nevada, by Jo-Ann and Mike Knapp, the organization has grown to reach participants across more than 35 countries, with over 275,000 graduates from its immersive courses​​​​.

The organization’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that improving the individual leads to improved performance, which in turn benefits businesses, families, and communities. This ethos is reflected in their diverse range of courses designed to enhance leadership, communication, productivity, and team-building skills. Among these offerings are the flagship programs Leadership Breakthrough One and Two, which focus on transformational leadership and teamwork, Power Communication for effective engagement, and specialized courses like Teen Leadership Breakthrough, aimed at younger participants​​​​​​.

Rapport Leadership International’s training methodology emphasizes experiential learning, where participants are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones through hands-on activities and real-world applications. This approach ensures that learning is not just theoretical but deeply integrated into one’s personal and professional life. The courses are often hosted in comfortable retreat settings, such as the JFDI Retreat Center in Alamo, Nevada, providing a conducive environment for growth and development​​.

One of the unique aspects of Rapport Leadership is its tiered training programs, which cater to individuals at different stages of their leadership journey. From foundational courses to advanced mastery programs like the Warrior Circle for Master Graduates, Rapport offers a continuum of development opportunities. This structured pathway supports ongoing growth and learning, enabling leaders to continually evolve and adapt to new challenges​​.

Testimonials from participants highlight significant personal and professional transformations, including increased self-awareness, enhanced communication skills, and improved team dynamics. These endorsements, along with a high referral rate, underscore the impact and value of Rapport Leadership’s programs​​​​.

Expanding its global footprint, Rapport Leadership International has established an Asia Pacific office in Sydney, Australia, in partnership with Jeremy Carter. This expansion reflects the organization’s commitment to fulfilling its mission on a global scale: to build a better world by developing better leaders​​.

While Rapport Leadership International primarily focuses on leadership development and team-building through experiential learning, the organization has faced its share of criticisms, particularly regarding the secrecy surrounding its training methods. Past practices of withholding detailed information about course content have led to anxiety and skepticism among potential participants. This approach, intended to ensure participants experience the full benefits of the program without preconceptions, has at times resulted in misconceptions about the activities involved, including humorous but unfounded rumors, such as having to swallow a live goldfish during training. The organization asserts that no such extreme practices are involved and emphasizes the importance of personal effort and mindset in achieving positive outcomes from their courses​​.

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