Michael W. Ryan

A grim saga of extremism and brutality under the guise of religious prophecy in rural America.

Michael Wayne Ryan was a figure whose life story is marked by violence, manipulation, and extremist beliefs. Born on August 3, 1948, Ryan became infamously known as the leader of a small, racist, anti-government group based near Rulo, Nebraska, during the early 1980s. This group, deeply entrenched in the ideologies of the Christian Identity movement and white supremacy, committed heinous acts under Ryan’s directive, including the torture and murder of James Thimm and five-year-old Luke Stice. Ryan’s influence stemmed from a toxic blend of religious fanaticism and racial hatred, convincing his followers that they were part of a divine battle against evil forces, as dictated by his own twisted interpretations of biblical texts​​.

Ryan’s path towards becoming a cult leader began with his involvement in the Christian Identity movement, a belief system that preaches the racial superiority of white people and harbors deep anti-Semitic and homophobic sentiments. He was heavily influenced by James Wickstrom, a prominent figure within the movement, from whom Ryan adopted many of his radical views. The economic despair of the 1980s, particularly the farm crisis, provided fertile ground for Ryan to recruit disillusioned farmers into his fold, promising them salvation and a sense of purpose amidst their financial woes​​.

The group’s activities were not limited to spiritual gatherings but extended to criminal enterprises, including burglary and stockpiling weapons, in preparation for an apocalyptic race war they believed was imminent. Ryan’s authoritarian control over his followers was absolute; he claimed to communicate directly with God and employed manipulative practices, such as the “arm test,” to exert his will. His dominion extended to demanding the subservience of his “wives” and executing brutal punishment on those who questioned his authority, culminating in the tragic deaths of Thimm and young Luke Stice​​.

Ryan’s reign of terror eventually came to an end with his arrest in 1985, following a police raid that unearthed not only a cache of stolen property and weapons but also the grim evidence of his murderous acts. He was sentenced to death in 1986 for the crimes committed on his compound, a sentence that reflected the severity of his actions but also the profound impact he had on the lives of his victims and their families. Ryan died in 2015 while on death row, from natural causes, leaving behind a legacy of cruelty and a stark example of how extremist beliefs can escalate into violence​​​​.

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