Repent Amarillo

A controversial religious group known for its extreme tactics and targeting of various communities under the guise of spiritual warfare.

Repent Amarillo, also known as “God and Country” or “Last Front Evangelist,” is a small group based in Amarillo, Texas. The group gained notoriety for its practice of spiritual mapping and targeting specific local areas and venues to exorcise demons. Led by David Grisham, a former Department of Energy security guard, Repent Amarillo’s actions and campaigns have been a source of significant controversy.


Repent Amarillo is known for its protests against a wide range of groups and individuals, including those involved in swinger activities, the LGBT community, abortion clinics, and various religious groups such as Muslims, Buddhists, Episcopalians, Methodists, Greek Orthodox, and Roman Catholics. They also targeted specific cities, such as Houston, Texas, for having an openly gay mayor and for constructing an abortion clinic.

Theological Views and Controversy

The group advocates for doctrines like spiritual mapping and the belief in territorial spirits, which are not universally accepted within Christian circles. Their approach has sparked debate and criticism, particularly due to their alleged tactics and targeting of vulnerable minorities.

Opposition and Counter-Movement

A counter-movement, Amarillo Citizens against Repent Amarillo (ACARA), emerged in response to the group’s activities. ACARA consists of protesters from various religious backgrounds, including Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and atheists. They notably opposed Repent Amarillo’s plan to burn the Quran, with a notable incident involving a skateboarding member who prevented the act.

Controversial Incidents

In December 2016, David Grisham made headlines for accosting a group of children and their parents waiting to see Santa Claus at a mall, exemplifying the group’s confrontational approach. Repent Amarillo has been described as a militia-style hate group, targeting a broad range of community members they find offensive to their theology.

Criticism and Security Concerns

Repent Amarillo has faced widespread criticism for its approach and has been labeled a hate group by some observers. There are also concerns about the group’s leadership, particularly David Grisham’s position as a security guard at a nuclear-bomb facility, given the group’s extreme beliefs and activities.


Repent Amarillo represents a fringe element within the Christian community, known for its extreme and controversial tactics. The group’s actions have led to significant backlash and opposition, reflecting broader tensions around religious extremism and the targeting of minority communities.