Repent Amarillo

A controversial religious group known for its extreme tactics and targeting of various communities under the guise of spiritual warfare.

Repent Amarillo, also known as “God and Country” or “Last Front Evangelist,” is a controversial evangelical Christian group based in Amarillo, Texas. The group is led by David Grisham, a former Department of Energy security guard, who has become well-known for his confrontational style and aggressive tactics in what he terms spiritual warfare. Repent Amarillo’s approach includes practices such as “spiritual mapping,” where they target specific areas and groups they believe are under demonic influence to cleanse them.

The group has been involved in various protests targeting a wide range of individuals and practices they consider sinful, including homosexuals, swingers, liberal Christians, Muslims, environmentalists, breast cancer events not focusing on abortion, Halloween celebrations, pornography stores, and abortion clinics. They have also protested against religious groups such as Buddhists, Episcopalians, Methodists, Greek Orthodox, and Roman Catholics. Their activities extend to political arenas as well; for example, they launched a boycott against Houston when it elected an openly gay mayor and for constructing an abortion clinic.

Repent Amarillo’s controversial actions have included attempts to burn the Quran. One notable incident in 2010 saw a local skateboarder, Jacob Isom, thwart Grisham’s attempt to burn the Quran by snatching it away and handing it to a leader from the Islamic Center of Amarillo. This incident was part of a broader counter-movement led by Amarillo Citizens against Repent Amarillo (ACARA), a group composed of various religious backgrounds including Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and atheists, who oppose Repent Amarillo’s extremist actions.

The group’s tactics and ideology have led to it being classified by some as a hate group, drawing comparisons to militant groups and sparking significant backlash and criticism within the community. Concerns have also been raised about the security implications given Grisham’s former role as a nuclear facility security guard.

David Grisham’s notoriety further escalated following a 2016 incident at Westgate Mall where he disrupted a group of children and parents waiting to see Santa Claus, telling them Santa was not real, which led to national criticism for causing distress among children.

Despite its small size, Repent Amarillo remains a highly controversial entity within Amarillo and beyond, with its activities reflecting broader tensions around religious extremism and the targeting of minority communities. The group’s actions and the public’s response to them highlight ongoing debates over religious expression, hate speech, and the limits of protest in a diverse society.

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