Julie Rowe

A Mormon clairvoyant associated with Chad Daybell.

Julie Rowe is an American author and self-proclaimed clairvoyant who claims to have experienced a near-death experience in 2004, during which she alleges to have had visions related to end-time events. She has documented her accounts in several books, including titles such as “A Greater Tomorrow” (2014), “The Time is Now” (2014), “From Tragedy to Destiny” (2016), and “New Revolution: A Vision of America’s Future” (2020)​​.

Rowe was a longtime member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). However, her publications and the spiritual experiences she shared were met with skepticism by the LDS Church. In 2015, the LDS Church Education System categorized her book “A Greater Tomorrow” as “spurious material” and advised against its use as a resource in teaching. The Church’s stance was that while Rowe was an active member, her book was not endorsed by the church, emphasizing that her experiences were personal and not reflective of Church doctrine. By April 2019, Rowe was excommunicated from the LDS Church​​.

Rowe’s connection to Chad Daybell, who was later arrested in connection with the murders of his stepchildren, brought her further into the public eye. The two shared a belief system and collaborated on some books. Rowe was introduced to Daybell through an online forum and subsequently published her debut book through the publishing company Daybell was associated with. This partnership lasted for several years until it ended over disagreements related to publishing rights in 2019​​.

Following her excommunication, Rowe continued her activities outside the LDS Church, establishing herself as a podcaster, energy coach, entrepreneur, and founder of a non-profit organization aimed at helping people after natural disasters, known as The Greater Tomorrow Relief Fund. She also owns several for-profit companies, including Julie Rowe Energy and Wasatch Wakeup, and plans to establish more in the future. Despite the controversies and her break with the LDS Church, Rowe has maintained a presence on social media and continued to share her visions and beliefs, which she asserts are purely her own​​.

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