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A Danish evangelical Christian free church embroiled in controversies over property and community practices.

Free Him Now

An Apostolic Center aimed at equipping and delivering believers to embrace the Holy Spirit.

Fabeku Fatunmise

A multi-faceted guide at the intersection of creativity, business, and spiritual practice.

Friends of Man

A unique Christian denomination birthed from the Swiss Watch Tower Society, embracing millennialism, restorationism, and a vision of a philanthropic assembly.

Camille Flammarion

A pioneering French astronomer who bridged the cosmos and the afterlife through scientific and spiritual inquiry.

The Fall River Cult

A sinister narrative of murder and satanic rituals that gripped a Massachusetts town in the late '70s.

Fiat Lux

A neo-revelationist UFO religion centered in Germany's Black Forest, known for its apocalyptic prophecies and connection to extraterrestrial beliefs.


A radical Buddhist subsect in Japan known for its strict adherence to the teachings of Nichiren and its defiance against the shogunate's authority.

Friedrichshof Commune

A controversial Austrian commune founded by artist Otto Muehl, known for its radical social experiments and authoritarian structure.

Falun Gong

A spiritual practice in the Buddhist tradition, combining meditation and exercises with a philosophy of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.

Fellowship of Friends

A spiritual organization centered around the teachings of Robert Earl Burton, marked by controversy and allegations of abuse and cult-like practices.

First Satanic Church

A modern embodiment of LaVeyan Satanism, continuing the legacy of its controversial founder.

Faizrakhmanist Movement

A Russian Islamic sect led by a self-proclaimed prophet, known for its underground living and isolationist practices.


A dissident religious movement from Imperial Russia, known for its initial opposition to serfdom and rejection of marriage, evolving over time within the Old Believer tradition.

The Finders

A mysterious group entangled in allegations of child abuse and espionage.

Federation of Damanhur

An Italian spiritual community known for its artistic expression, eco-sustainability, and the intriguing underground Temples of Humankind.

The Faithful Remnant

A secluded religious group asserting to be the real Catholic Church under the leadership of a self-proclaimed Last Pope

Freetown Christiania

A self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood in Copenhagen, known for its alternative lifestyle and liberal stance on cannabis.


A fraternal organization with a rich history, known for its secret rituals, symbolic imagery, and commitment to charitable work.


A radical offshoot of the Doukhobors, known for nude protests, arson, and a vehement rejection of government control.

Free Church of Scotland

A Presbyterian denomination known for its commitment to the Reformed tradition and emphasis on ecclesiastical independence from the state.

Free Christians

A non-denominational Christian movement emphasizing individual freedom in worship and interpretation of the Bible.


A radical Franciscan movement, known for their extreme poverty and opposition to the wealth of the Church.


A controversial Jewish mystical movement that followed the messianic claims of Jacob Frank in the 18th century.

Franconia Mennonites

The oldest Mennonite body in America, known for their simple living, nonviolence, and strong community ties.

Followers of Christ

A Christian sect known for its avoidance of modern medical treatment, resulting in the preventable deaths of children.


A medieval movement characterized by public penance, extreme asceticism, and self-flagellation to atone for sins.

Five-Percent Nation

An offshoot of the Nation of Islam, promoting a doctrine that teaches the empowerment and divine nature of Black people.

Fifth Monarchy Men

A radical Puritan sect of the 17th century, driven by the belief in a final, divine government on Earth.

Fifth Empire

A spiritual vision of a unified world under Portuguese cultural and mystic leadership.

The Farm (Tennessee)

A pioneering ecovillage and intentional community known for its innovation in sustainable living and spiritual exploration.

The Family (Anne Hamilton-Byrne)

An Australian cult known for kidnapping children, LSD experiments, and a messianic leader who claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.


A mystical and heretical group from the 16th century, advocating for spiritual perfection and inner enlightenment.