Free Him Now

An Apostolic Center aimed at equipping and delivering believers to embrace the Holy Spirit.

Free Him Now is an Apostolic Center founded on December 13th, 2020, initially starting as a bible study group among college students with the aim of teaching the unadulterated Word of God, nurturing a prayer life, and guiding in walking with the prophetic. It was not initially named until August 2nd, 2021, when, during a car worship session, Apostle Adilia received a divine mandate to name the ministry “Free Him Now,” focusing on making believers aware of the Holy Spirit within them whom they have unknowingly restricted.

The ministry’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that many believers, due to a lack of understanding of the Word of God and an absence of intimacy with the Holy Spirit, have not allowed themselves to be led by the Spirit. This has resulted in grieving and quenching the Holy Spirit’s fire. To combat this, Free Him Now emphasizes the need for believers to align their will with that of the Holy Spirit, symbolized by a logo featuring a dove (representing the Holy Spirit) flying out of a golden cage (representing the limitations placed by mankind’s religion).

Free Him Now is led by Apostles Berthold and Adilia, who focus on 1:1 equip and delivery sessions with believers, moving away from group settings to emphasize personal submission and alignment with the Holy Spirit under their guidance. This method is based on a covenant established by Jesus Christ, entrusting the apostles to steward His people on the path of righteousness.

The center describes itself not as a church in the traditional sense of a physical building but as a gathering of believers coming together under the authority of Christ, thereby embodying the concept of “church” as described in the New Testament. Currently operating online, Free Him Now has aspirations of eventually securing a physical location to further its mission.

The ultimate mandate of Free Him Now is to equip and deliver believers to become effective, mature vessels of God, fully in accord with the Holy Spirit’s will, impacting various spheres of influence to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ​​.

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