Fabeku Fatunmise

A multi-faceted guide at the intersection of creativity, business, and spiritual practice.

Fabeku Fatunmise is an artist, writer, spiritual practitioner, and business consultant who describes his life’s work as a blend of creativity and deep spiritual practice. His approach to creativity and business is rooted in the belief that being alive is an art form and that the marks individuals make in the world serve as medicine for themselves, their community, and the planet. Through his work, Fabeku collaborates with a wide range of creative individuals, from painters and musicians to teachers, spiritual practitioners, scientists, designers, and consultants, helping them to inhabit the soul of their creative work coherently and to engage their path as pragmatic poetry​​.

Fatunmise has spent over 25 years studying the Ifá Orisha tradition, a knowledge that deeply influences his understanding of coherence and informs everything he knows about the concept. Coherence, as Fatunmise articulates, is not a destination but a continuous, course-correcting process that involves diving into the deep wisdom of one’s own marks and building an enduring foundation for work that is rooted in concrete business know-how. This path allows for an alignment that can foster insight and inspiration through divination, emphasizing that the work we build should work for us, in ways that resonate with our deepest truths​​.

In his role as a “business awesomizer,” suck exorcist, sonic alchemist, and the world’s most skeptical shaman, Fatunmise focuses on entrepreneurship as a form of personal development. He speaks to the importance of mindset, blueprints, and the “inner stuff” that shapes our external realities. His work encourages entrepreneurs to create businesses and lifestyles that genuinely reflect their values and visions, underscoring the belief that true success comes from alignment between one’s inner world and outer actions​​.

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