Free the Oppressed Foundation (Jimmy Hughes Ministries)

A ministry dedicated to freeing individuals from various forms of oppression through service and education in Honduras.

The Free the Oppressed Foundation, also known as Jimmy Hughes Ministries, is a non-profit organization that has been operational since 1995, focusing on providing relief and support to oppressed individuals in Honduras. The foundation was established by Reverend Jimmy Hughes, who, along with his family, has dedicated over 15 years to serving Christ in Central America from their base in Zambrano, near the capital, Tegucigalpa. This ministry focuses on preaching about God’s love and mercy to an oppressed world and has become renowned for its contributions to the local community​​.

The foundation’s activities are diverse, focusing on areas such as rehabilitation, education, children’s welfare, and missionary work. One of its key operations is the Door of Hope Rehab Center, which offers assistance to individuals seeking to overcome addiction. Another significant component of the foundation’s work is the Prince of Peace Children’s Home, providing shelter for abused teenage girls and their babies, and Faith Academy, a Christian bilingual school that emphasizes quality education for the local youth​​​​.

The Free the Oppressed Foundation also facilitates short-term mission trips for those looking to contribute to their cause. These mission trips are designed to cater to the volunteers’ strengths and experiences, offering activities like cooking and distributing food for the hungry, children’s ministry, construction projects, and medical brigades. The foundation offers logistical support to these missionary teams, including accommodation at Casa Santiago, a short-term missions house that also serves as a center of operations throughout the year​​.

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