Fiat Lux

A neo-revelationist UFO religion centered in Germany’s Black Forest, known for its apocalyptic prophecies and connection to extraterrestrial beliefs.

Fiat Lux, translating to “Let There Be Light” in Latin, is a UFO religion that was established in 1980 by Erika Hedwig Bertschinger-Eicke, who is better known by her spiritual name, Uriella. This religious order, based primarily in the Black Forest of Germany, combines elements of neo-revelationism with a distinct belief in UFOs and apocalyptic prophecy. Uriella claimed to receive divine messages directly from Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, among others. The religion has attracted a significant following, consisting of an “inner circle” of approximately 135 members, along with 800 dedicated followers and around 2000 sympathizers​​.

The core beliefs of Fiat Lux include the imminent apocalypse, which Uriella initially predicted would occur in 1998. This doomsday event was expected to be preceded by the arrival of alien ships tasked with evacuating true believers to a new paradise named “Amora,” following the Earth’s transformation. Despite the passing of the predicted date without incident, the belief in an approaching end times has persisted, attributed to the delaying effects of the faithful’s prayers​​.

Characterized by some as a cult, Fiat Lux has been the subject of controversy, notably for its leader’s advocacy in contentious legal matters and the group’s unconventional practices, which include wearing white ceremonial robes, adherence to a strict vegetarian diet, and scheduled prayer times. Uriella’s leadership was marked by her claims of being a medium through which divine messages were conveyed, positioning herself as a unique channel of spiritual authority​​​​​​.

The sect has also been involved in various legal disputes, particularly around issues of tax and toll evasion, as well as the sale of spiritual medicines and fluids claiming miraculous healing powers. Despite these controversies, Fiat Lux’s teachings have resonated with hundreds across Europe, drawn by Uriella’s prophetic visions and the promise of salvation during the Earth’s final days​​.

Fiat Lux’s operations and practices reflect a blend of spiritual beliefs with extraterrestrial mythology, encapsulating a unique chapter in the broader context of new religious movements and UFO religions. The group’s anticipation of apocalyptic events and evacuation by alien ships places it within a tradition of millenarian movements that foresee a radical transformation of the Earth and humanity​​.

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