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A syncretic, mystical path blending monotheism with esoteric practices and a belief in a cosmic Christ spirit.

United People of Canada

A Canadian not-for-profit embroiled in legal and community disputes over its controversial activities and associations.

Unity Church

A spiritual movement blending metaphysical teachings with traditional Christian elements.

Unitarian Universalism

A liberal religious movement embracing a wide spectrum of beliefs and traditions, united by a search for spiritual growth and social justice.

Universal Life Church

Empowering millions globally with ordination and a staunch advocate for religious freedom.

Universe People

A Czech UFO religion blending messages from cosmic beings with anti-modern technology sentiments.

Universal White Brotherhood

A spiritual movement blending esoteric Christianity, mysticism, and a vision for universal harmony under the guidance of Peter Deunov.

University Bible Fellowship

An international evangelical movement, originating in South Korea, with a focus on student evangelism and biblical discipleship.

Unitarian Church in Ireland

A progressive religious community in Ireland with historic roots in Puritan dissent and a philosophy of freedom, reason, and tolerance.


A digital-age spiritual movement led by Unicole Unicron, blending pop culture, spirituality, and social activism.


A unique movement claiming to offer an alternative societal model, challenging traditional legal and financial structures.

Unification Church (Moonies)

A controversial religious movement known for mass weddings and a unique worldview blending Christianity, Eastern spirituality, and anti-communist fervor.

Universal Medicine

A controversial health and healing organization blending esoteric philosophy with alternative wellness practices.

União do Vegetal

A Brazilian religious group combining Christian beliefs with South American shamanistic practices, known for its sacramental use of ayahuasca.