A digital-age spiritual movement led by Unicole Unicron, blending pop culture, spirituality, and social activism.


Unicult, founded by Unicole Unicron, is a unique blend of spirituality, pop culture, and digital community activism. The group, primarily online, offers an eclectic mix of teachings and practices, reflecting the diverse interests and beliefs of its founder and members.

Founder and Ideology

Unicole Unicron, a self-described pop star and spiritual leader, founded Unicult in the early 2010s. Influenced by celebrities like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, Unicron’s approach combines elements of pop culture with spiritual teachings. The group’s ideology is rooted in a mix of New Age beliefs, digital-age spirituality, and a challenge to mainstream societal norms.

Practices and Beliefs

Unicult’s practices and beliefs are varied, with a focus on personal empowerment, spiritual exploration, and social activism. The group engages in activities ranging from online classes and webcasts to creative projects that blend art, spirituality, and activism. Unicron’s teachings often emphasize the sacredness of sexuality, the empowerment of individual expression, and the rejection of traditional societal constraints.

Digital Community and Activism

A significant aspect of Unicult is its digital presence, primarily operating through online platforms, social media, and webcasts. The group has cultivated a global community of followers who interact through these digital channels, sharing experiences, teachings, and support.

Controversies and Criticisms

Unicult, like many new religious movements, has faced its share of controversies and criticisms. Some view the group’s blend of pop culture and spirituality with skepticism, questioning the intentions and methods of its founder. Others see Unicult as a positive force for personal growth and societal change.