Unarius Academy of Science

A cosmic journey blending UFO beliefs, spiritual healing, and a unique interpretation of time.

Founded in 1954 by Ernest and Ruth Norman, the Unarius Academy of Science represents a unique blend of UFO beliefs, spiritual healing, and a distinctive understanding of time and the universe. Unarius stands for “UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science.”

Origins and Evolution

Ernest and Ruth Norman, the founders of Unarius, began their mission in the mid-1950s. Ernest claimed to have psychic connections with Mars and Venus, which he described as homes of “great teachers” and “ascended masters.” He purportedly received “transmissions” describing advanced civilizations on these planets. The couple also claimed to have lived past lives as notable historical figures, including Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

The Pulse of Creation Series

A cornerstone of Unarian teachings is the “Pulse of Creation” series, comprising seven books that describe seven spiritual planets, including Venus. These texts, beginning with “The Voice of Venus,” detail Ernest’s psychic journeys and encounters with advanced extraterrestrial beings. The Unarians believe in the existence of “energy bodies” and higher vibratory planes.

The Teachings of Ruth Norman

After Ernest’s death in 1971, Ruth Norman, also known as Uriel, took over the leadership. She expanded the Unarian teachings, claiming to channel messages from figures like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Louis Pasteur. She also introduced prophecies about the arrival of extraterrestrials and the transformation of Earth, predicting that a spacefleet from an “Intergalactic Confederation” would land before 1974.

Cultural and Artistic Expressions

Unarius is notable for its vibrant cultural and artistic expressions. Ruth Norman, in her role as Uriel, was known for her flamboyant and elaborate attire, often resembling a sci-fi version of royal garb. The group produced various films and psychodramas as part of their teachings, depicting past lives and extraterrestrial encounters.

Unarius in the Postmodern Age

Despite the eventual passing of its founders and the failure of its 2001 prophecy, Unarius has persisted, adapting to the postmodern age and continuing to attract followers. The organization emphasizes healing through remembering past lives and understanding the science of energy. It remains one of the oldest and most enduring UFO religions, with a focus on spiritual salvation through the anticipated arrival of extraterrestrials.