Understanding Principles for Better Living Church

A spiritual sanctuary promoting higher thought and living through New Thought Christian principles.

Founded by the multifaceted Della Reese, Understanding Principles for Better Living Church, commonly referred to as UP Church, represents a unique blend of Christian faith and New Thought principles. Its inception traces back to a small group meeting in Reese’s living room, driven by a desire to delve deeper into divine knowledge and principles for transformative living​​.

History and Foundation

UP Church was birthed from Della Reese’s vision to create a spiritual community that encourages individuals to think on a higher level, transcending negative patterns to embrace a life filled with God’s qualities of confidence, diligence, compassion, forgiveness, and love. This mission was inspired by Reese’s own journey through various facets of entertainment and spirituality, culminating in her ordination as a minister within the Christian New Thought branch known as Unity​​​​.

Beliefs and Teachings

The church’s teachings aim to immunize individuals from doubt, fear, and negativity, promoting a spiritual outlook where negative thoughts and actions are replaced with positive affirmations and a deep connection to God’s promises​​. Their approach to spirituality emphasizes practical Christianity, integrating New Thought principles that advocate for mental and physical healing through spiritual understanding and positive thinking​​.

Community and Services

UP Church extends beyond Sunday services, offering a platform for spiritual education and community engagement. With a vibrant presence in Inglewood, CA, the church invites members and visitors to engage in worship, learning, and giving. Through sermons, daily prayers, and special events, UP Church nurtures a community grounded in love, healing, and empowerment​​​​.

Della Reese’s Legacy

Della Reese’s legacy as the founder of UP Church is intertwined with her illustrious career as a singer, actress, and minister. Her life’s work reflects a dedication to breaking barriers and creating spaces for spiritual growth and understanding. Reese’s contributions to the arts and spirituality were recognized with numerous awards and accolades, cementing her status as a pivotal figure in both entertainment and religious communities​​.

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