Darkside Collective Ministry International

A blend of ancient pagan traditions and modern Satanist beliefs, embodying ritual magic and ethical Satanism.

The Darkside Collective Ministry International, established in March 1999 by Grand Master Scott Robb, represents a unique confluence of ancient pagan traditions and contemporary Religious Satanism. Rooted in an eclectic historical background that draws from the Hermetic Order of the Knights Templar, the Hellfire Club, and the teachings of Aleister Crowley, this organization positions itself as a modern iteration of Satanic practice, distinct for its openness in magical practices and its commitment to honesty towards its members and the public.

Founded in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the Darkside Collective Ministry boasts a global membership, with adherents spread across continents including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The organization’s structure is hierarchical, centered around its Central Church in Edmonton, from which it accepts members, charters congregations worldwide, and connects isolated individuals. Leadership within the Ministry is determined by a combination of one’s Satanic knowledge, magical proficiency, and external success, with a priesthood adept in ritual performance and governing council that regulates member activities.

Contrary to popular misconceptions about Satanism, the Darkside Collective Ministry adheres to a philosophy of ethical Satanism, promoting self-awareness, personal excellence, and rational self-interest, while cautioning against the limitations inherent in human capabilities. It practices a form of anti-theistic Purist Satanism, which emphasizes the strict observance of Satanic beliefs, philosophies, and practices tracing back to the Neolithic Era, and aligns closely with LaVeyan Satanism in terms of philosophy and ritual activities, yet stands distinct in its interpretations and practices.

The Ministry venerates the metaphoric representation of Satan, seen not as a deity but as a symbol of enlightenment, natural forces, and the potential within each individual. It celebrates personal freedom and enlightenment, with the highest holiday being one’s own birthday, alongside other significant dates like Halloween and the solstices and equinoxes.

Membership to the Darkside Collective Ministry is open to those who discover the organization through media or personal referral, following a rigorous screening process. The Ministry’s ethical stance is clear, opposing narcotics, suicide, and advocating for law and order, distinguishing itself sharply from “pseudo-Satanists” or “devil worshippers” known for illegal activities.

The collective does not proactively recruit but welcomes inquiries from potential members aligned with its principles. It maintains a stance of opposition towards the teachings of mainstream right-wing churches and, to a lesser extent, Eastern religions, positioning itself as a hub for rational, progressive individuals who challenge conventional religious doctrines​​​​​​.

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