John de Ruiter

A controversial spiritual leader mesmerizing followers with silent gazes and profound teachings.

John de Ruiter, a Canadian spiritual leader, has captivated a global audience through his unique teachings and practices. Originating from a background in Lutheranism, de Ruiter’s journey into spirituality diverged towards New Age beliefs, focusing on the devotion to truth rather than traditional Christian doctrines. His approach, described as a New Age gospel, emphasizes letting go of the ego, desires, and preconceived beliefs to discover the essence of the self and soul. De Ruiter’s seminars are notably unconventional, often involving long periods of silence, during which he claims to enter a deep state of samadhi, a high level of spiritual ecstasy. This silence, according to sociological analysis, plays a crucial role in building his charismatic authority, inviting followers to project their individual needs onto him and fostering an emotional connection that suggests a direct, intimate insight into their souls.

De Ruiter’s following is diverse, with some viewing him as a new messiah and others as a portal to profound spiritual truth. His ability to form connections with individuals through gaze and silence has led to reports of visions and profound spiritual experiences among his followers. However, his practices and personal life have not been without controversy. During one public meeting, his wife confronted him about his involvement with two sisters who were devotees and had invested in his organization. These sisters later sued him for spousal support. Further controversies emerged, including the mysterious death of a female follower and de Ruiter’s admission of sexual relations with several followers, described controversially as “the Calling.” In 2023, he was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting four individuals between 2017 and 2020, raising serious concerns and criticisms about his practices and leadership​​.

His teachings have been published in several books and audio CDs, including “The Intelligence of Love: Manifesting Your Being In This World” and “Unveiling Reality,” which encapsulate his philosophical and spiritual insights​​.

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