Dayemi Tariqat

A Sufi spiritual community bridging ancient practices with modern philanthropy.

Dayemi Tariqat, also known as The Community, is a spiritual group rooted in Sufi traditions. Originating from the Dayera Sharif lineage in Bangladesh 1,400 years ago, it was brought to the United States by Sheikh Din, who was trained and appointed by Hadrat Shah Sufi Sayyid Dayemullah, a respected teacher within this lineage​​. The organization is committed to the spiritual development of its members, emphasizing a God-centered life and mutual support among its community members.

One of the notable initiatives associated with Dayemi Tariqat is For Kids’ Sake International (FKSI), a nonprofit organization founded following the passing of Sayed Dayemullah in 1995. Entrusted by Dayemullah to Sheikh Din, FKSI focuses on supporting, educating, and empowering underprivileged children, orphans, students, and families around the world, especially in Bangladesh. Through FKSI, the Dayemi Tariqat supports six facilities providing food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare, and a safe environment for approximately 550 orphans. These sites also offer Kindergarten through College level education to more than 4,000 children from surrounding villages. The initiative is sustained by local income-generating projects, including aquaculture, dairy farming, and other vocational training programs, employing over 130 Bangladeshis and stimulating the local economy​​.

Dayemi Tariqat’s global outreach and philanthropic efforts underscore its commitment to integrating spiritual practices with tangible support for communities in need, reflecting a modern interpretation of ancient Sufi traditions.

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