Discovery Seminars

Transforming lives through personal growth and development seminars.

Discovery Seminars is a Canadian-based organization that offers a series of personal growth and development seminars, designed to empower individuals to achieve personal goals, deepen relationships, and create more opportunities for happiness and fulfillment. The seminars are structured around the core Discovery Seminar, which serves as the foundation for all other offerings, including the Connect and Design Seminars, Teen Camp, and specialized retreats for men and women.


The Discovery Seminar marks the beginning of the journey, targeting individuals aged 18 and over. This foundational seminar aims to help participants achieve a balance between work and life, improve personal relationships, accomplish personal goals, and find joy in their lives. It operates on the principle of discovering personal life principles over a five-day intensive workshop, starting mid-week and concluding on Sunday evening. This seminar emphasizes self-discovery, personal growth, and the acquisition of practical tools for decision-making and overcoming past traumas.

Follow-Up Seminars: Connect and Design

Following the Discovery Seminar, participants have the opportunity to attend two additional weekend seminars known as Connect and Design. These seminars build upon the tools and insights gained from the Discovery Seminar, focusing on enhancing communication and relationship skills. The Connect Seminar delves into personality tools and strategies for overcoming negative self-talk, while the Design Seminar assists participants in defining a purpose statement to guide their life and actions.

Teen Camp and Family Training

In addition to adult seminars, Discovery Seminars offers a Teen Camp and Family Training program for youth aged 10-16. This program mirrors the adult seminar in its structure and goals, encouraging young participants to discover their identities and develop tools to achieve their desires and alter unproductive patterns. Participation in this camp requires that at least one parent has completed the Discovery 5-day seminar, ensuring a holistic approach to family development.

Team and Philosophy

The team behind Discovery Seminars, led by figures such as Cheryl Holtby, Bob Outhwaite, and Barb Michalko, brings a diverse range of experiences and perspectives to the organization. Each member shares a common curiosity about personal development, relationship enhancement, and the potential for profound societal impact through individual growth. Their collective mission is to create an environment of love, understanding, and practical tools that enable participants to live their dreams.

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