Divine Truth

A spiritual movement led by a self-proclaimed reincarnation of Jesus, promoting a unique interpretation of divine love and emotional healing.

Religion: Christianity
Denomination: Other
Founder: Alan John Miller (also known as A.J. Miller or Jesus of Nazareth)
Founded: 2007
Location: Worldwide, based in Australia
Website: divinetruth.com

Divine Truth is a religious movement founded by Australian spiritual leader Alan John Miller, also known as AJ Miller, who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. This group, established in the early 21st century, advocates a distinctive blend of Christian teachings, New Age spirituality, and psychological healing practices. It distinguishes itself through its non-religious stance, emphasizing the cathartic release of emotions and the establishment of a direct, personal relationship with God, primarily through an emotional connection rather than a thought-based one. The movement, while relatively small, has garnered international attention due to its unconventional beliefs and the charismatic persona of its leader.

The teachings of Divine Truth revolve around the concept that human souls are inherently emotional, mirroring the emotional nature of God’s Soul. Followers are encouraged to experience and release their emotional “errors” – emotions not aligned with love – as a pathway to receive God’s Love. This process, as taught, could lead to a state of atonement with God, or being “Christed,” a condition they assert was achieved by Jesus in the first century and is achievable by anyone willing to embrace this emotional journey.

Alan John Miller, born on March 10, 1963, in Loxton, South Australia, along with Mary Luck, believed to be the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene, began presenting the principles of Divine Truth in 2007, with the creation of a YouTube channel in 2012 serving as a major platform for disseminating their teachings. Miller has publicly shared that he has memories spanning his entire 2000 years of existence, acknowledging the challenges of assimilating these memories into his current life and the skepticism they arouse. While based in Australia, Divine Truth has attracted a global following through its online presence and has followers in various countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

The movement has been subject to criticism and skepticism, particularly from mainstream Christian organizations and the anti-cult movement. Concerns have been raised regarding the psychological impact on followers, as well as the implications of the leaders’ claims of divinity. Despite accusations of being a cult, the group insists on their simple mission of teaching God’s truth and fostering personal growth and love through an individual’s relationship with God.

Alan John Miller has also been known to share his personal opinions on impending global Earth changes, although these are not officially promoted as prophecies or definitive predictions by the movement. Such statements have included predictions of significant natural disasters and transformative Earth changes within specific timeframes, which have drawn additional attention and scrutiny to the group.

In response to accusations of cultivating a cult, Miller emphasizes the voluntary nature of participation in Divine Truth activities, pointing out the lack of coercion or authoritarianism typically associated with cults. The group’s focus remains on offering seminars, answering questions, and encouraging personal reflection and connection with God’s love​​​​.

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