A category of direct sales organizations masquerading as a multitude of marketing firms.

Devilcorps are a vast network of direct sales and marketing firms, operates under various names such as Smart Circle, Cydcor, Credico, among others. This conglomerate has garnered significant criticism for its cult-like operations and exploitative practices, often drawing comparisons to a “corporate horror story.” These organizations are characterized by their relentless recruitment process, deceptive job descriptions, and a work environment that heavily relies on manipulation and psychological pressure reminiscent of cultic behaviors.

Devilcorps recruit individuals under self-employment contracts, primarily on a commission-only basis, leading to workdays extending beyond 10 hours for six days a week without the benefits full-time employees are entitled to. This exhaustive schedule coupled with the absence of a stable income puts salespeople in a precarious financial situation, often resulting in a net loss of income after accounting for hours worked. These organization’s recruitment and operational methodologies are designed to obfuscate the reality of the job—street sales—until the applicant is deeply embedded in the process, typically revealed during a shadowing day with a team leader.

The organizations strategies for maintaining control over its workforce includes rigorous work schedules that lead to social isolation, intensive information control, and brainwashing techniques that involve repetitive mantras and company jargon. This environment fosters escalating commitment from the individuals, pressing them to prove their loyalty and dedication to the company’s cause, despite often being at a significant personal and financial loss.

The operational model of Devilcorps is sustained through a pyramid-like structure, where employees are lured with the promise of advancing to higher positions within the company, such as team leader or even opening their own marketing firm. However, this progression is rare, and those who do advance remain under the strict control of the parent company, perpetuating the cycle of exploitation.

Critics of Devilcorps aim to increase public awareness about these organizations deceptive practices by exposing their manipulative recruitment strategies, the financial and psychological toll on their employees, and the company’s efforts to silence dissent by controlling online narratives and reviews. There is a concerted effort by former employees and investigative platforms to challenge the practices of Devilcorps through social media advocacy, legal challenges to their employment contracts, and pressing for legislative changes to protect workers from such exploitative schemes​​​​.

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