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GD Blankenship

A controversial figure stirring cult fears and legal troubles across states.

Alex Batty

A British boy's disappearance leads to a journey of spiritual communes and a mother's cult involvement.

Bios Psychè

A dynamic psychotherapy school with a relational-psychodynamic orientation, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Buddha Boy

A spiritual enigma wrapped in controversy, straddling the line between divine asceticism and grave allegations.

Bob Jones University

A conservative evangelical institution with a history of controversial policies on race, religion, and academic accreditation.

Built Anew Ministries

A virtual sanctuary fostering spiritual, mental, and physical well-being through diverse ministries.

Brownsville Revival

A transformative Christian revival that reshaped Pentecostalism and sparked global interest.


A controversial belief system advocating living without food or water, claiming sustenance from prana or life energy alone.

Boko Haram

A militant group seeking to establish an Islamic state in Nigeria, infamous for its brutal insurgency and allegiance to ISIS.

Beta Dominion Xenophilia

A space alien cult entangled in criminal activities under the guise of extraterrestrial communication.

Born Again Movement

A Chinese Christian network renowned for its rapid growth and unique practices under Communist scrutiny.

David Bawden

A self-declared pope striving for the restoration of traditional Catholicism from a Kansas farmhouse.


A School of Life, navigating spiritual realms through ancestral wisdom and the sacred Iboga.

Beachy Amish

A modern Anabaptist group bridging traditional values with contemporary life.

Mark Biltz

A Christian pastor intertwining biblical prophecy with celestial events.

Branhamism (William M. Branham)

A movement centered around the controversial teachings of a mid-20th century faith healer, deemed a blend of divine revelation and esoteric doctrine.

Baháʼí Faith

A global religion proclaiming the unity of all religions and humanity.


A spiritual journey marred by controversy and allegations of abuse under the guise of enlightenment.


A precursor to the Bahá'í Faith, emphasizing a new prophetic cycle with its unique teachings and laws.

Brahma Kumaris

A global spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal.

Bohemian Grove

An exclusive enclave for the world's elite, shrouded in secrecy and nestled in the redwoods of California.

John Bull (prophet)

A weaver turned prophet in 17th-century England, claiming a divine mission alongside Richard Farnham.

Bible Student Movement

A Millennialist Restorationist Christian movement emerging from the teachings of Charles Taze Russell, focusing on biblical prophecy and the Second Coming of Christ.

Berkeley Psychic Institute

A spiritual development school founded in 1973, offering training in clairvoyance, meditation, and healing.

Bishop Hill Colony

A 19th-century Swedish communal utopia in Illinois, known for its communal living and unique cultural contributions.

The Brethren (Jim Roberts Group)

A highly secretive and nomadic religious group, known for its strict adherence to the teachings of Jesus and an austere lifestyle.


A Christian communal movement committed to living out the teachings of Jesus Christ in shared community life.

Believer’s Churches

A Christian movement emphasizing personal faith and the autonomy of local congregations.

Bernhard Müller

A 19th-century religious leader known for his charismatic authority and the formation of a unique Christian community.

John Burt

A controversial figure in the anti-abortion movement with a complex and contentious history.

Brotherhood of Eternal Love

A psychedelic counterculture group of the 1960s, renowned for their role in popularizing LSD and promoting spiritual enlightenment.


An early separatist religious movement in 16th-century England, advocating for complete separation from the Church of England.


A religious movement of the late 18th century, led by Elspeth Buchan, known for their apocalyptic beliefs and communal living.

Burari Deaths

A mysterious case of mass death in Delhi, India, involving 11 family members and a web of spiritual and psychological complexities.


A dualistic and Gnostic Christian sect originating in the Balkans during the Middle Ages, known for its rejection of the established church and social norms.


A monastic order known for its commitment to the Rule of Saint Benedict and its balance of prayer and work.

Bernhard Rothmann

A key figure in the Anabaptist movement of the 16th century, known for his radical religious reforms and involvement in the Münster Rebellion.


A significant sect within Russian Old Believers, known for their rejection of ordained clergy and traditional ecclesiastical hierarchy.

Bikram Yoga

A yoga style known for its heated studios and rigorous workout routines.

Brisbane Christian Fellowship

A controversial religious community in Australia known for its strict adherence to apostolic doctrine and authoritative leadership structure.


An obscure Gnostic sect of the early Christian era, known for their esoteric rituals and controversial practices.

Brethren of the Free Spirit

A mystical movement of the Middle Ages, advocating spiritual freedom and divine union beyond traditional religious constraints.

Builders Of The Adytum

A mystical organization blending Kabbalistic, Rosicrucian, and Masonic elements to guide spiritual development.

Brotherhood of the New Life

A 19th-century spiritual movement focused on personal transformation and communal living, guided by mystical principles.

Brother Dean Saxton

A controversial street preacher known for his extreme views and confrontational preaching style.

Brook Farm

A transcendentalist community that sought to harmonize intellectual pursuits with agrarian life, embodying the spirit of 19th-century American utopianism.

Branch Davidians

A religious group that made headlines for a tragic standoff with federal agents in Waco, Texas.


A spiritual healer known for his silent gaze, believed by followers to transmit divine energy and healing.

Bohemian Adamites

A radical Christian sect that practiced nudism and rejected the concept of marriage.


A heretical Christian sect of the 4th century, known for its unique views on the nature of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Black Bear Ranch

An experimental commune born from the 60s counterculture, championing self-sufficiency, free love, and communal living in the wilderness of Northern California.

Bergholz Community

A controversial Amish offshoot known for its strict rules and involvement in a series of high-profile criminal cases.


A Unique Medieval Lay Religious Movement for Women


A medieval religious movement characterized by laymen seeking piety outside monastic norms.


A radical Anabaptist sect known for their violent tactics and apocalyptic beliefs during the Reformation.


An early Christian sect with unique cosmology and beliefs


A religious order renowned for its intellectual rigor and commitment to education and charity.


A Puritanical movement that challenged the Church of England's authority.


An ancient Gnostic sect with unique cosmological beliefs, known for their reverence of the divine figure Barbelo.

Baptist Foundation of Arizona

A financial scandal masquerading as a religious foundation, resulting in one of the largest nonprofit bankruptcies in American history.

Jim Bakker

A televangelist who built a Christian-themed amusement park and was later embroiled in scandal and imprisonment.