A spiritual healer known for his silent gaze, believed to transmit divine energy and healing.

Religion: New Age
Founder: Braco (Josip Grbavac)
Founded: 1995
Location: Croatia (originally), with international presence

Josip Grbavac, better known as Braco, is a unique figure in the realm of alternative healing, amassing a considerable following with his distinctive method of “gazing” for healing and emotional support. Born on November 23, 1967, in Zagreb, Croatia, Braco’s life took a transformative turn after meeting Ivica Prokić, a Serbian economist and self-styled prophet and healer, in the early 1990s. Prokić, recognizing potential in Braco, mentored him and eventually hailed him as a visionary healer and successor to his healing empire. Braco’s method does not involve speaking, touching, diagnosing, or treating those who come to see him. Instead, he stands on a platform and silently looks at his audience, a practice that has drawn both acclaim and skepticism​​​​.

Braco’s mentor, Prokić, had a dramatic end to his life in 1995 when a rogue wave supposedly swept him away while the two were on a beach in South Africa. This incident, occurring under mysterious circumstances, led to Prokić’s adoring fans rallying around Braco, seeing in him Prokić’s spiritual successor. Despite the tragic backdrop, Braco’s approach is marked by a careful ambiguity; he does not directly claim to possess any supernatural or healing abilities. His public appearances involve “gazing” sessions where he looks at his audience for several minutes, after which participants often report feelings of peace, emotional uplift, and in some cases, physical healings. Braco’s events attract thousands of people, including international tours, with many followers believing in the efficacy of his gaze, even in absentia through pictures or videos​​.

Critics, however, question the legitimacy of Braco’s practices, pointing out the lack of scientific evidence to support the healing claims. While anecdotes of healing abound, skeptics argue these are not sufficient proof of any real efficacy. Moreover, Braco’s commercial endeavors, including the sale of high-priced jewelry purported to enhance well-being, further complicate perceptions of his work​​.

Despite skepticism, Braco’s following remains strong, bolstered by testimonials of positive change and healing. His silence, both literal and figurative, on the nature of his abilities, allows for a broad interpretation of his work, enabling individuals from various backgrounds and beliefs to find meaning and solace in his gaze. Braco continues to hold gazing sessions both in-person and online, reaching a global audience seeking hope and healing​​​​.

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