Bible Holiness Church

A vibrant community dedicated to holiness, evangelization, and the empowerment of its members.

Religion: Christianity
Denomination: Holiness Movement
Founded: 1927
Location: United States

The Bible Holiness Church represents a dynamic faith community committed to living out the principles of holiness as outlined in the Scriptures. Rooted in a firm belief in the Trinity—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit—this movement emphasizes a life led by spiritual conviction and dedication to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Established with the mission to empower, equip, and evangelize, the Bible Holiness Church holds regular worship services designed to foster a deep, personal connection with God and encourage communal growth in faith. Weekly service schedules typically include Sunday School, Sunday Morning Worship, and additional services on Sunday evening and Thursday evening, ensuring ample opportunity for spiritual engagement and learning.

The church extends beyond Sunday services, offering various small groups and ministries aimed at reaching out to different segments of the community. These initiatives include focused outreach efforts, support for international missions, and activities designed for children and youth, all geared towards building a strong, faith-driven community.

A notable aspect of the Bible Holiness Church is its unapologetic commitment to the doctrine of holiness. This encompasses biblical repentance, justification by faith in Jesus Christ alone, and the purification of the heart through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The church proudly maintains a testimony of holiness, reflecting a deep conviction in the transformative power of living a life dedicated to God’s service.

Members of the Bible Holiness Church are encouraged to lead conservative lifestyles, often adhering to strict dress codes and avoiding worldly entertainments such as movies, dancing, and sometimes television and internet usage. This conservative approach extends to a focus on modesty and simplicity in all aspects of life, including speech, appearance, and conduct.

The church’s involvement in missions underscores its global vision for evangelization. With support for missions in countries like Mexico, Guatemala, and Lesotho, as well as home missions within the United States, the Bible Holiness Church demonstrates a commitment to spreading its message of faith and holiness beyond its immediate community. Additionally, the church organizes camps and events throughout the year in several states, offering family and youth-oriented activities that strengthen the bonds within the community while fostering spiritual growth.

Originating from a deeply held belief in the principles of holiness and the transformative power of faith, the Bible Holiness Church continues to thrive as a community dedicated to living out the teachings of Jesus Christ. Through its emphasis on empowerment, spiritual education, and global outreach, the church seeks to make a meaningful impact both within its congregation and in the broader world​​​​.

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