Dr. Delbert Blair

A spiritual leader exploring the depths of metaphysics, history, and the unknown.

Dr. Delbert Blair was an engineer, research scientist, metaphysician, and historian recognized for his comprehensive work and teachings in various domains, including metaphysics, spirituality, and history. He led The Meta-Center in Chicago for over 50 years, starting from 1973. Blair was renowned for his role as a director, pastor, lecturer, and author, contributing significantly to discussions and forums on a wide array of subjects such as ancient Egyptian history, metaphysical studies, and the impact of technology on health and society.

Dr. Blair’s journey began on February 13th, his birthday marking the inception of a life dedicated to the exploration of consciousness, the metaphysical realm, and historical truths. His work often intersected with unconventional topics such as UFO sightings, the spiritual implications of meditation, and the exploration of etheric and whirlwind projects, aimed at unlocking the mysteries of the universe and the potential of the human mind and spirit.

The Meta-Center, under Blair’s guidance, became a hub for those interested in diving deep into metaphysics, spirituality, and holistic wellness. The center offered a range of events, classes, and resources, including meditations, mind training, and investigations into the strange and unusual, all designed to elevate understanding and consciousness. Blair’s teachings emphasized the power of the internal journey and the exploration of the world within as a pathway to understanding the world around us.

Dr. Delbert Blair passed away on January 31, 2016, leaving behind a legacy of curiosity, knowledge, and a community that continues to honor his work. The Meta-Center, now led by his protégé Tony Vortex, continues Blair’s mission, offering a space for learning and the expansion of consciousness. Blair’s work, including lectures, books, and courses, remains a valuable resource for those seeking to explore the intersections of science, spirituality, and the mysteries of existence​​​​​​.

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