Brother Panic

A spiritual guide in the metaphysical and occult realms, leaving a lasting legacy through his teachings and publications.

Brother Panic emerged as a prominent figure in the spiritual and occult community, widely recognized for his work as a metaphysical and occult teacher. His journey into the realms of the esoteric began with a deep interest in paranormal activities, which he shared with a broad audience through various platforms. Utilizing the internet as his primary medium, Panic delivered lectures via internet radio and YouTube, where he connected with followers from around the globe. His teachings focused on empowering individuals to access their spiritual strengths and explore the ancient sciences that he believed were fundamental to personal growth.

The core of Panic’s teachings revolved around the importance of spiritual awareness and the pursuit of knowledge beyond the physical realm. He developed a unique approach to spirituality that combined traditional occult practices with a modern interpretation of metaphysical concepts. This approach garnered him a dedicated following, many of whom considered him a master teacher in controlling the mind and unlocking the mysteries of the esoteric world.

Panic’s influence extended beyond his lectures. He authored several books on occult subjects, including “The Origin of Occult Civilization, Volume One; Hollywood,” in which he explored the intersection of spiritualism and contemporary culture. Additionally, Panic offered products designed to aid in spiritual practices, such as “The Panic Pack” – a combination of organic herbs intended to enhance the user’s spiritual work, particularly with the third eye.

His personal life was closely tied to his spiritual journey. Panic was married to Khadijah Samedi, a professional oracle reader, occult reader, and spiritual consultant. Together, they offered a range of services aimed at guiding individuals on their spiritual paths.

Tragically, Brother Panic passed away on November 2, 2023. While the cause of his death remains unclear, his passing has left a void in the hearts of those who looked up to him as a source of spiritual guidance and wisdom. Tributes poured in from across the world, with followers expressing their sorrow and commemorating the legacy he left behind. Panic’s teachings, according to his followers, have had a profound impact on their understanding of spirituality and the occult, and his insights will continue to influence spiritual seekers for years to come​​​​.

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