Roger Billings

A controversial figure blending technology, education, and religious leadership amid allegations of creating an underground ‘cult’.

Roger Billings, an engineer and computer scientist, is a figure of significant controversy, known for founding Acellus, an online learning platform, and for his involvement in religious activities that have led critics to describe him as a “preacher of polygamy with bogus academic credentials”​​. His background includes founding his own church after leaving the Mormon church, the now-defunct Church of Jesus Christ in Zion, where he was regarded as its “patriarch and prophet.” Billings has made claims about the Mormon church that have distanced him from its traditional beliefs, particularly regarding polygamy​​.

Acellus, established in 2001 by Billings, came under fire for offensive content in its educational materials, leading to several schools across the United States discontinuing its use. The platform, which provided a range of courses for K-12 education, was criticized for racial bias, misogyny, and historical inaccuracies in its curriculum​​. Despite Acellus claiming to have reviewed and revised flagged content, the controversy has highlighted the difficulties in vetting educational materials and the challenges of transitioning to online learning​​.

Billings’ personal and professional life is intertwined with allegations of leading an underground religious ‘cult’ through the creation of Acellus. This platform, while serving as an educational tool, has also been accused of being a vehicle for Billings’ controversial teachings and practices, including allegations of violence and abuse​​. The complexities surrounding Roger Billings’ activities reveal a blend of innovation in education and technology with controversial aspects of religious leadership and personal conduct.

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