Built Anew Ministries

A virtual sanctuary fostering spiritual, mental, and physical well-being through diverse ministries.

Built Anew Ministries, founded by Larry Gazelka, has sparked controversy and concern among its ex-members and critics, suggesting a complex narrative of spiritual guidance intertwined with allegations of control and manipulation. This article delves into the organization’s foundation, its activities, and the concerns raised by those who have left its fold, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of its impact and the discussions it has ignited within and beyond its community.

Origins and Evolution

Larry Gazelka initiated Built Anew Ministries in Minneapolis, proclaiming a divine calling to ministry during an Assembly of God crusade. The ministry, initially fostering a sense of fellowship and spiritual growth, soon became marred by Gazelka’s expectations of financial contributions and controversial statements about salvation and sin. Gazelka’s journey took him from Minneapolis to Great Falls, Montana, where he continued to expand his ministry through modern means, including the internet, despite leaving behind a trail of disrupted lives and legal troubles within his family.

Allegations and Concerns

Ex-members have accused Gazelka of creating a toxic environment, utilizing the ministry to exert control over members’ lives, finances, and beliefs. Critics highlight instances where Gazelka allegedly used manipulative tactics to maintain loyalty and financial support, even at the cost of members’ well-being and familial relationships. These allegations include discouraging contact with critically ill ex-members and fostering dependency on the ministry for spiritual guidance and approval.

Ministry Activities

Despite the controversies, Built Anew Ministries offers a range of services aimed at spiritual growth, including Bible studies, newsletters, and online counseling. Gazelka’s teachings, heavily laden with Biblical references, suggest a focus on seeking divine kingdom and righteousness. However, the outreach and impact of these activities have been questioned, with some suggesting they serve more to bolster Gazelka’s control rather than genuine community support or spiritual enlightenment.

Impact and Reflections

The story of Built Anew Ministries is one of contradictions, blending aspirations for spiritual renewal with troubling accounts of manipulation and control. As the ministry continues to operate, it remains a subject of debate and concern among religious and cult-watch communities. The experiences of those who have left the ministry underscore the importance of critical engagement with spiritual leadership, especially where allegations of abuse and control emerge.

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