Berkeley Psychic Institute

A spiritual development school founded in 1973, offering training in clairvoyance, meditation, and healing.

The Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) is a notable institution in the field of spiritual development and psychic studies. Founded in 1973 by Lewis S. Bostwick in Berkeley, California, the institute has made significant contributions to the interfaith movement and the growth of metaphysical institutions.

History and Development

Since its inception, the BPI has focused on teaching students to recognize and develop their own psychic abilities. Over the years, it has taught more than 100,000 students through various classes in clairvoyance, meditation, healing, and male and female energy. A significant offering of the institute is the one-year intensive clairvoyant training program, from which over 4,000 students have graduated.

Programs and Curriculum

The institute’s curriculum includes a wide range of classes, with The Clairvoyant Training Program being one of the most popular. This program and others are designed to help students explore and develop their psychic abilities in a structured environment. The approach taken by the institute is often described as creating a “psychic kindergarten,” a space for exploring what it means to be psychic.

Influence and Expansion

Under the leadership of Lewis S. Bostwick and later his wife, Vr. Rt. Rev Dr. Susan Hull Bostwick, the Berkeley Psychic Institute has expanded its influence. There are three main locations in Northern California, along with several other groups around the world initiated by former students. The institute has also spawned the Déjà Vu Publishing Company, which produces Psychic Reader Magazine, and organizes special events, psychic entertainment, and spiritual tours.

Notable Members

Some notable members of the Berkeley Psychic Institute include Patrick McAnaney, author of “Dear Psychic,” Helen Palmer, author of Enneagram of Personality-related books, and Jose Stevens, author of The Michael Teachings-related books.