House of Cadifor

An Australian sex cult entwined with BDSM practices, led by a self-styled patriarch charged with severe allegations.

The House of Cadifor is a group situated in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, that gained notoriety through its involvement in alleged criminal activities under the guise of a BDSM lifestyle community. The cult was led by James Robert Davis, a former soldier who styled himself as the patriarch of this group. The House of Cadifor and its leader came under significant scrutiny for purportedly subjecting women to slave-like conditions, including the use of slavery contracts, collars, and tattoos as means of control and ownership.

Davis was arrested and charged with three counts of slavery and sexual servitude offences under modern slavery laws. These charges stemmed from allegations of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse towards a woman over a period from 2012 to 2015 in Sydney. The victim was reportedly coerced into a bondage lifestyle, faced threats of death if she attempted to leave, and was forced into prostitution without pay. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) Assistant Commissioner highlighted the gravity of these allegations, noting the victim was in slave-like conditions and emphasizing the seriousness of the abuses involved.

Further complicating the matter, during an ongoing investigation dubbed Operation Saintes, a 22-year-old woman was charged with offences related to sexual activity with minors and the possession of morphine. This operation was part of a broader inquiry into the alleged sex slave “cult” activities centered around Davis and the House of Cadifor.

Davis, who also described himself through various titles related to BDSM and fetish photography, portrayed a different public image. In a documentary trailer, he presented his relationships with women as consensual within the framework of a “committed, non-monogamous power-exchange relationship.” Despite these claims, the allegations against Davis and his group paint a starkly different picture of manipulation and abuse under the facade of an alternative lifestyle community.

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