The Hearts Center

A spiritual community embracing global enlightenment through ascended masters.

Founded in 2005, The Hearts Center is a spiritual community that focuses on personal and planetary enlightenment, drawing individuals together through a shared love of God and collective experiences of the presence of ascended masters, or enlightened beings that offer guidance and teachings to assist followers on their spiritual paths.

David Christopher Lewis, a central figure in the community, co-founded The Hearts Center, Meru University, and the Paradise Permaculture Institute. He is recognized as an inspired teacher, musical composer, and author, who began receiving telepathic communications from ascended masters in 2004, leading to the establishment of The Hearts Center in 2005. The organization is committed to sharing the teachings of these ascended masters worldwide, aiming to awaken individuals to their divinity and foster a culture of beauty, joy, and enlightenment.

The Hearts Center hosts various events, broadcasts, and classes to support spiritual growth and community bonding. Activities include meditations, prayers, and other forms of worship, often accompanied by singing and dancing, emphasizing the collective experience and building of a spiritual family. The teachings and practices are designed to be practical and relevant to contemporary issues, offering insights and guidance for navigating the modern world.

As a global community, The Hearts Center has expanded its reach, establishing broadcast centers and local groups across countries like Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. The organization also operates Meru University, offering a spectrum of live online and on-demand courses that include communications from ascended masters and inspired discourses by David Christopher Lewis.

Through its publishing arm, Meru Press, The Hearts Center and David Christopher Lewis have released several publications that delve into various spiritual teachings and practices, including advanced studies on the human aura, messages from angels, and teachings on love, brotherhood, and freedom.

The Hearts Center positions itself as a heart-centered community, inviting individuals from all walks of life to embark on a spiritual journey characterized by fun, friendship, and sacred adventure. The emphasis is on creating a tangible experience of the divine, fostering inner peace, and contributing to the collective spiritual awakening of humanity​​​​​​.

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