A philosophical movement that redefines reality through the lens of mathematical idealism.

Hyperianism emerges as a fringe belief system formulated by an individual known as “Morgue,” who professes to have been enlightened by “secret societies” to unveil “timeless knowledge” to the public. This knowledge, Morgue claims, is intended to propel humanity towards a new evolutionary leap, transforming the world into a unified whole. Hyperians champion a worldview that starkly contrasts with materialist perspectives, positing that what we perceive as material reality is, in fact, an illusion—a collective dream shaped by mathematical frequency patterns​​​​.

Ontological Mathematics: The Foundation of Hyperianism

Central to Hyperianism is “Ontological Mathematics,” a concept introduced by Morgue as the future’s science. This discipline asserts that the universe is not composed of material substances but is a manifestation of pure mind, an immaterial domain where all of existence is ultimately a domain of mathematical certainty. Hyperianism argues against the reliance on faith, divine revelation, and the senses, proposing instead that reason, logic, and mathematics are the ultimate arbiters of truth. This perspective promises to usher in a revolutionary paradigm shift, positioning itself as a science that will eventually be embraced globally​​.

Quantum Mechanics and the Rejection of Materialism

Hyperianism leverages a unique interpretation of quantum mechanics to argue against materialism, suggesting that reality is comprised of “mathematical frequency patterns” rather than tangible matter. This interpretation extends to the belief that the peculiarities of quantum mechanics—such as wave-particle duality and quantum entanglement—reveal the non-material nature of reality, challenging conventional scientific understanding. Hyperianism thus aligns itself with metaphysical idealism, suggesting that reality is fundamentally a collective dream or mental construct, with quantum mechanics providing a scientific veneer to these philosophical assertions​​.

The Critique of Science and Empiricism

Morgue, and by extension Hyperianism, is critical of conventional science, dismissing it as irrational and dogmatic. This critique extends to the scientific method’s reliance on empirical evidence and sensory experience, which Morgue contends are flawed bases for understanding reality. Hyperianism positions itself as a rational alternative to empirical science, asserting that true knowledge and understanding of the universe come from mathematical and logical deduction rather than observational evidence or experimental verification​​.

Hyperianism as a Global Movement

Hyperianism does not present itself as merely a philosophical curiosity but as a burgeoning global movement. Its adherents, known as Hyperians, are characterized as “world shapers” who seek not only personal transformation but also the collective advancement of humanity towards a higher state of existence. The movement claims to build upon a system of knowledge that is eternal and universal, promising a path to enlightenment and unity through the rejection of materialistic and empirical paradigms​​.

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