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Liminal Order

A private men-only community aimed at fostering masculinity, wealth, and network-building.

Liminal Works

A transformative journey through faith and identity, fostering spiritual growth and freedom.

Law of One

A spiritual philosophy detailing universal truths channeled from a higher consciousness.

Kalana Limkin

A convergence of neo-Nazi ideology and child exploitation.

Legal Issues in Suppressing Cults

Suppressing cults presents a complex interplay of legal issues that span across human rights, religious freedom, public safety, and criminal law. The task of addressing these legal challenges involves balancing the rights of individuals to freely practice their beliefs against the need to protect individuals and society from harm. This article explores the multifaceted legal…

Landmark Worldwide

A global leader in personal and professional transformation through its innovative courses and seminars.


A transformative journey into personal growth or a controversial path to psychological turmoil?

Holy Hubert Lindsey

A fiery Southern Baptist preacher who ignited Berkeley's counterculture with his unconventional ministry.

Local Churches (Watchman Nee)

A Christian movement rooted in the teachings of Watchman Nee, emphasizing the oneness of the church in each city and the experiential aspects of Christian living.

Love Has Won

A new religious movement marked by controversy and alleged cult-like practices, led by a self-proclaimed deity.

Lord RayEl

A self-proclaimed messiah leading a virtual congregation through online platforms.

The Last Reformation

A movement founded to return the church to practices of the New Testament, surrounded by controversies and unconventional teachings.

LaPorte Church of Christ

A congregation in Texas and Colorado, known for its strong adherence to scriptural teachings and for its controversial past leadership.

Lykov Family

A reclusive Russian family who lived in complete isolation in the Siberian wilderness for over four decades.

Lumpa Church

A religious movement in Zambia known for its intense opposition to colonial rule and the rejection of traditional practices.

Love Family

A controversial communal living group known for its unorthodox lifestyle and spiritual practices, established in the Pacific Northwest.

Lord Our Righteousness Church

A religious group known for its end-time prophecies and communal living, often surrounded by controversy and legal issues.

Living Church of God

A Christian denomination emphasizing the original teachings of Jesus Christ and the observance of Old Testament laws.

Livets Ord

A dynamic and influential Christian congregation based in Sweden, known for its emphasis on faith healing and charismatic worship.


A historical group known for their unconventional views on morality and religion, often associated with hedonism and skepticism.

Legio Maria

A unique African Christian movement combining traditional Roman Catholic practices with indigenous religious elements.

Laymen’s Home Missionary Movement

A Christian movement focused on the study and dissemination of biblical prophecies and teachings, distinct from mainstream denominational beliefs.

LaVeyan Satanism

An atheistic movement emphasizing individualism, self-indulgence, and skepticism, founded in the 1960s.

Lafayette Morehouse

A free-love commune that focuses on sexual experimentation and pleasurable lifestyles.


A Lutheran revival movement advocating a return to the original values of Christianity, known for its traditionalism and strong community ties.


A 17th-century Christian sect known for its communal living and rigorous piety.

La Nueva Jerusalén

A controversial religious community in Mexico, known for its strict religious practices and isolation from the outside world.

La Luz del Mundo

A rapidly growing Christian movement distinguished by its unique worship practices and strong community involvement.