LaPorte Church of Christ

A congregation in Texas and Colorado, known for its strong adherence to scriptural teachings and for its controversial past leadership.


The LaPorte Church of Christ refers to two independent congregations located in La Porte, Texas, and Laporte, Colorado. The Colorado congregation was notably led by Peter J. Peters until his death in 2011. Peters was a controversial figure, known for proclaiming that Europeans are the true Israel and for espousing views associated with Christian Identity, a label he rejected. His teachings attracted white supremacists, including members of the terrorist organization The Order. This congregation was not affiliated with the decentralized group of Churches of Christ.

Beliefs and Practices

The LaPorte Church of Christ in Texas, like many Churches of Christ, focuses on a simple Christian doctrine with the Bible as its sole authority. The congregation emphasizes God-centered and Bible-driven worship, including a cappella singing, public prayers, preaching from the Bible, partaking in the Lord’s Supper, and voluntary contributions from members.

Community Involvement

The LaPorte Church of Christ in Texas aims to be a family of believers that seeks the lost, nurtures and edifies the saved, cares for needy saints, and equips people for service. They welcome visitors and new members, offering Bible classes for all ages and facilitating fellowship among congregants.

Controversy and Legacy

The Colorado congregation, under Peters, became involved in a controversy related to an amendment against homosexuality in Colorado, which led to fines for a minor violation of election laws. Peters refused to pay the fine, resulting in the seizure of the church by the state in 1993. Peters also operated Scriptures for America, a shortwave radio service, broadcasting his teachings.