Love Has Won

A new religious movement marked by controversy and alleged cult-like practices, led by a self-proclaimed deity.

Love Has Won, also known as the Galactic Federation of Light and 5D Full Disclosure, is an American new religious movement that gained attention for its controversial practices and beliefs. The group was led by Amy Carlson, who was referred to within the group as “Mother God.”

History and Leadership

The movement began to grow from 2014 onwards, primarily through the internet. Carlson, who had worked as a manager at McDonald’s before becoming the leader of Love Has Won, claimed to be the creator of the universe and described herself in various divine capacities. She reportedly had been living through her 534th reincarnation and had been trying to save humanity for 19 billion years.

Beliefs and Practices

Love Has Won’s teachings were based on a mix of quasi-New Age beliefs, focusing on the ascension of the planet, astrology, and weather patterns. The group sold nutritional supplements and colloidal silver and gold, promoting them as healing modalities. Carlson positioned herself as a central figure in the group’s belief system, requiring her followers to cater to her needs, leave their old lives behind, and bring in money to the organization.

Controversies and Legal Issues

  • The group faced allegations of brainwashing and abuse, including of animals and children.
  • In April 2021, the mummified corpse of Carlson was discovered in a home in Colorado. The body was surrounded by Christmas lights and covered in glitter, resembling a makeshift shrine. Seven members of the group were charged with abuse of a corpse and child abuse.
  • Family members of some followers accused the group of isolating and indoctrinating their loved ones, with law enforcement often unable to intervene due to the adult status of the members.

Movement’s Expansion and Activities

Love Has Won utilized the internet for spreading its message, with almost daily streaming content via Skype, Facebook, and YouTube. The group also briefly moved to the island of Kauai in Hawaii in August 2020 but faced hostility from locals and eventually returned to Colorado.

Aftermath of Carlson’s Death

Following the discovery of Carlson’s body and the resulting media attention, the group underwent a splintering, with some members forming separate groups. Love Has Won continued to produce online content, and a documentary series about the group and Carlson was released by HBO.

The story of Love Has Won highlights the complexities and controversies surrounding new religious movements, especially those that exhibit cult-like characteristics and practices.