The Last Reformation

A movement founded to return the church to practices of the New Testament, surrounded by controversies and unconventional teachings.

The Last Reformation is a Christian movement founded in 2011 by Torben Søndergaard in Denmark. It aims to bring the church back to what is perceived as the “true gospel” and the practices found in the book of Acts.

Founding and Philosophy

Torben Søndergaard, a Danish Christian evangelist and faith healer, started The Last Reformation with the intention of initiating a shift in modern Christian practice. The movement is named to imply a continuation and correction of the 16th-century Protestant Reformation. The Last Reformation focuses on discipleship, healing the sick, and Charismatic gifts, claiming to bring the church back to a focus on the simple disciple life of the first Christians.

Practices and Teachings

The Last Reformation emphasizes activities like “kickstarting,” where believers are taught to heal the sick, preach the gospel, and cast out demons. The movement considers water baptism as an integral part of salvation, not just a symbolic act. This perspective is in contrast with the traditional Christian belief that salvation is by grace through faith alone. The Last Reformation also focuses on deliverance ministry, the idea of every believer being able to cast out evil spirits.


The movement has been subject to criticism for several reasons. Its teachings on baptism, healing, and deliverance have been labeled unbiblical by critics. Concerns have been raised about the movement’s approach to mental and physical health issues, including claims about curing autism and homosexuality. Critics have also pointed out the potential for financial exploitation and manipulation within the movement.

Criticisms of Leadership and Approach

Torben Søndergaard’s leadership style and teachings have been criticized for being overly judgmental toward traditional church structures and practices. Critics argue that the movement places personal experiences and interpretations above Scripture, potentially leading to misguidance and spiritual pride.

Global Presence and Activities

The Last Reformation has a global presence, with discipleship training schools and activities across various countries. It conducts events like “Kickstart Weekends” and runs the Pioneer Training School and Pioneer Leadership School. These programs aim to teach followers the movement’s interpretation of living a Christian life based on the book of Acts.