Nibiru Cataclysm

A popular doomsday prediction based on the supposed approach of a mysterious planet, Nibiru, towards Earth.

The Nibiru Cataclysm, often associated with doomsday predictions and apocalyptic scenarios, revolves around the alleged collision or disastrous encounter between Earth and a large planetary object named Nibiru, or Planet X. The concept of Nibiru first entered public consciousness in 1976 with Zecharia Sitchin’s publication “The 12th Planet.” Sitchin, a journalist and student of Sumerian cuneiform, suggested that humans were bioengineered by aliens from Nibiru, which supposedly approaches Earth every 3,600 years. Despite Sitchin’s narrative being popular, it lacked scientific validation and was broadly dismissed by experts in the field.

The cataclysmic prophecy connected to Nibiru emerged in the mid-1990s, incorporating the planet into various end-of-the-world theories. Predictions ranged from its appearance in 2003 to its role in the 2012 apocalypse tied to the Mayan calendar, and again in 2017 with claims of an impending apocalypse. Each predicted date came and went without incident, reinforcing the conclusion among the scientific community that Nibiru does not exist.

NASA and other scientific organizations have consistently debunked the Nibiru Cataclysm as a hoax. Investigations and observations have found no evidence of an approaching planet on a collision course with Earth. The absence of any gravitational effects that would be expected from such a large object further discredits the existence of Nibiru. Theories about hidden planets within our solar system, such as Planet 9, do exist but are distinct from the fictional narratives surrounding Nibiru.

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