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Gabriel of Urantia

A controversial spiritual leader with apocalyptic predictions and a demanding community lifestyle.

S. N. Goenka

A transformative meditation practice rooted in ancient traditions, offering a secular approach to spiritual development.

Good News International Ministries

A grim narrative of misplaced faith and control, ending in a catastrophic loss of life under the guise of reaching spiritual enlightenment.

Gospel Assembly Churches

A non-denominational, Pentecostal fellowship with a mission of restoration and unity in Christianity.

General Church of the New Jerusalem

A global Christian movement founded on the revelatory teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg, emphasizing spiritual regeneration and the interpretation of Scripture.

God’s Army

A Christian revolutionary group in Myanmar led by young twins, known for its opposition to the military junta.

Grail Movement

A spiritual path blending Christian beliefs with esoteric teachings, centered on the transformative "In the Light of Truth" by Abd-ru-shin.

God Squad

A controversial New Zealand sect known for its apocalyptic beliefs and intense community life.

Goligher Circle

A focal point of early 20th-century spiritualism, marked by controversial psychic phenomena and investigations.

Leo Gura

A spiritual guru navigating the intersection of self-help and profound existential inquiry.

God Kuzya

A notorious cult leader known for extreme abuse and extravagant displays of wealth.

Ruwan Prasanna Gunaratne

An individual at the center of a series of tragic events linked to his religious teachings and subsequent suspected suicides by poison.

Good News Mission

A South Korean Christian-based movement known for its unique interpretation of salvation and global missionary work.

Guanyin Famen

A controversial spiritual movement combining Mahayana Buddhism with modern practices and facing significant legal challenges.


A 14th-century Italian religious movement following the mystical teachings of Guglielma of Milan, believed by followers to be the incarnation of the Holy Spirit.

Gruppo del Rosario

An Italian religious movement centered around the mystical and apocalyptic visions of its charismatic leader.


A 17th-century English religious group advocating for spiritual freedom and direct personal experience with God, often at odds with mainstream Puritanism.

Gregory Paul of Brzeziny

A charismatic Polish leader whose prophetic claims and spiritual practices sparked both devotion and controversy.

Grace Road Church

A controversial South Korean church entangled in allegations of abuse and deception, with a striking presence in Fiji.


A radical English religious sect of the 17th century, challenging established religious and social norms.


Medieval vagabonds known for their love of ribaldry, satire, and irreverence towards the Church.

Goler Clan

An isolated community in Nova Scotia known for shocking criminal cases and intergenerational poverty.

Gloriavale Christian Community

A reclusive and tightly-knit Christian community in New Zealand, known for its communal living and conservative practices.

Global Church of God

A Christian church with a focus on prophetic teachings and a belief in the imminent return of Jesus Christ.


A mystical Christian sect founded by Johann Georg Gichtel, emphasizing asceticism and the inner spiritual life.

General Butt Naked

A notorious Liberian warlord turned evangelist, known for his brutal past and dramatic conversion to Christianity.