Good News Mission

A South Korean Christian-based movement known for its unique interpretation of salvation and global missionary work.


Good News Mission (GNM) is a Christian-based new religious movement founded in 1971 by Pastor Ock Soo Park in South Korea. It is part of a group of movements collectively known as Guwonpa or “Salvation Sect.”

Origins and Development

The movement traces its origins to the missionary efforts of the Worldwide Evangelization for Christ (WEC International) in South Korea. Park Ock Soo, influenced by WEC missionary Kays Glass, founded the Good News Mission after the departure of WEC missionaries from South Korea. The mission began as a missionary school in the late 1960s and has grown significantly since its inception.

Beliefs and Practices

The central tenet of Good News Mission is a specific interpretation of Christian salvation, where one-time repentance from sins leads to achieving salvation. This view has been controversial and criticized as unorthodox by other conservative Christian groups in Korea. The mission emphasizes the Trinitarian doctrine and salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Additionally, it puts a strong emphasis on evangelism and reaching the lost.

Global Expansion and Activities

The Good News Mission has expanded globally, with 178 churches in South Korea and approximately 600 abroad in 80 different countries. The mission operates various facilities and initiatives, including broadcast facilities, camps, the Mahanaim Cyber College, and a youth intervention ministry known as the International Youth Fellowship (IYF).

Controversies and Criticisms

Several controversies surround the Good News Mission. Some former members and pastors have labeled it a cult, criticizing the extensive control exerted by Pastor Park Ock Soo over the organization. There have been allegations of misleading activities, such as students being lured to religious events under false pretenses. The mission’s doctrine, particularly regarding the nature of sin and salvation, has also been a point of contention within broader Christian circles.

International Challenges

The Good News Mission has faced challenges in various countries, including China, where the Christian movement has been banned and its churches raided. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has expressed concerns about the presence of Korean Christian movements, including the Good News Mission, in regions with significant Korean-speaking minorities.