God is Love Pentecostal Church

A Brazilian Pentecostal movement known for its strict practices and fundamentalist ideology.

The God is Love Pentecostal Church (Igreja Pentecostal Deus É Amor – IPDA) was established in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1962 by Daví Martins de Miranda. It exemplifies the rapid expansion of Pentecostal Christianity in Brazil during the 20th century, thriving amidst urbanization and economic challenges. By the early 2000s, the church claimed a membership of 800,000 across 30 countries, showcasing its global reach.

The IPDA is characterized by its Pentecostal confession of faith, emphasizing divine healing, exorcism, and missionary endeavors. Its practices and beliefs are marked by a significant departure from societal norms; for instance, members adhere to strict guidelines that limit personal freedoms, such as prohibitions against watching television, playing soccer, and engaging in various social and recreational activities. The church’s founder, David Miranda, has made controversial statements regarding secular influences and moral conduct, reflecting the denomination’s fundamentalist stance.

The church has also been embroiled in controversies, including accusations of money laundering in Uruguay and alleged connections to organized crime in Brazil. These issues highlight the complex relationship between new religious movements, society, and the state in contemporary Latin America​​.

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