Gathering of Christ Church

A spiritual movement devoted to reclaiming biblical identity and challenging modern narratives

The Gathering of Christ Church (GOCC) represents a unique strand within the broader category of religious movements, positioning itself as a beacon for those seeking to reconnect with their alleged biblical roots and the lost tribes of Israel. At the helm is Chief High Priest Tazadaqyah, who guides the congregation through teachings that emphasize adherence to the commandments found in the Bible, aiming to awaken members to their identity as the true chosen people of God.

This organization diverges significantly from mainstream Christian denominations through its identification of the “12 Lost Tribes of Israel” with modern-day ethnic groups primarily comprising African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans among others. Each tribe is associated with specific modern-day peoples, ranging from African-Americans (Judah) to Puerto Ricans (Ephraim), and Cubans (Manasseh), reflecting a unique interpretation of biblical prophecy and heritage.

The GOCC espouses that salvation is achievable through obedience to God’s commandments, faith in Yahawashi (Jesus Christ), and a life dedicated to righteousness. It is a community that encourages spiritual growth, personal repentance, and a direct relationship with the divine. The church also actively participates in charitable causes, reflecting its commitment to embodying the teachings of the Bible in practical ways.

Furthermore, the GOCC is known for its distinctive beliefs that intertwine biblical prophecies with contemporary geopolitical narratives, including the imminent tribulation and the rise of a New World Order orchestrated by the Illuminati. This perspective informs the church’s stance on global affairs and its advice for members to lead simple, low-profile lives outside of America.

In terms of community engagement, the church is proactive, organizing events, and outreach programs aimed at spreading their interpretation of the Bible, promoting unity, and supporting those in need. They offer a welcoming hand to all, regardless of membership status, allowing participation in church activities and access to spiritual guidance and support.

The GOCC’s practices, including the celebration of biblical holidays and observance of the Hebrew calendar, are part of its efforts to foster a deeper spiritual experience among its members. Women are allowed leadership roles, signifying the church’s commitment to inclusivity and recognition of the valuable contributions individuals, regardless of gender, can bring to the spiritual community.

This movement, while resonating with many seeking a connection to a perceived ancestral and spiritual identity, diverges significantly from mainstream Christianity and Jewish tradition. Its teachings and practices, based on a unique interpretation of the Bible and other historical texts, have sparked dialogue and controversy. As such, the Gathering of Christ Church stands as a compelling case study in the diverse landscape of religious expression and identity in the modern world.

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