Joel’s Horsemen

A Christian motorcycle group established for spreading the gospel, fulfilling biblical prophecies, and showcasing the power of faith on wheels.

Grady R. Kent, an influential American theologian and preacher, played a pivotal role in the early development of the Church of God of Prophecy and later founded The Church of God (Jerusalem Acres). His life was marked by a profound dedication to spreading the message of Christianity, which led him to establish several material programs, including the Joel’s Horsemen Christian motorcycle group. This group was part of Kent’s broader mission to use innovative means—like motorcycles and airplanes—to evangelize and reach out to communities in unique and impactful ways.

Early Life

Born in Rosebud, Georgia, in 1909, Grady R. Kent grew up in a farming family with a deep-seated interest in scripture, particularly the Book of Revelation. Despite early engagement with the Methodist Church, Kent found it lacking in answers, leading him into a period of gambling and drinking. His turning point came when he attended a Pentecostal Holiness church, where he experienced a profound spiritual awakening and decided to devote his life to Christian ministry.

Ministry and Mission

Kent’s ministry began with a vision that led him to a life of preaching and evangelism, focusing on repentance and spiritual empowerment. His journey took him to the Church of God of Prophecy, where he faced persecution, including a near-fatal encounter with the Ku Klux Klan. Despite these challenges, Kent’s resolve only strengthened, leading him to significant roles within the church, including the development of the White Angel Fleet, a gospel aviation corps.

The Church of God (Jerusalem Acres)

Disagreements with church leadership led Kent to establish The Church of God (Jerusalem Acres) in 1957. His new church quickly attracted followers, growing to several thousand members. Kent continued to innovate in spreading the gospel, introducing material programs like Joel’s Horsemen and Nahum’s Chariots, which utilized motorcycles and cars as tools for evangelism, fulfilling biblical prophecies in the process.

Joel’s Horsemen

In 1958, Kent christened his motorcycle corps “Joel’s Horsemen,” inspired by Scriptures such as Job 39:19 and Joel 2:1-5. This initiative was part of Kent’s broader vision to use every available means to spread God’s word, including modern transportation. Joel’s Horsemen became a symbol of Kent’s commitment to dynamic and mobile evangelism, bridging traditional Christian teachings with contemporary methods of outreach.

Kent’s life and ministry were characterized by an unwavering dedication to spreading the Christian message through innovative and often unconventional means. His legacy, embodied by initiatives like Joel’s Horsemen, continues to inspire those in the Christian community seeking new ways to evangelize and connect with the world around them​​​​​​.

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